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By gravity in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2021-10-09Updated:2021-10-09
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1. The water flows from the tank by gravity to the houses below.
2. However, the matter is all attracting itself by gravity.
3. They are being pulled towards the ground by gravity and being pushed upwards by the ground beneath their feet.
4. Colluvium Recent weathered material or hill wash transported by gravity.
5. So the acid simply flowed by gravity to the digester.
6. The satellite can point to ground by gravity gradient.
7. The stone rolled down the hill by gravity.
8. The stone rolled down the mountain by gravity.
9. They are opened by velocity pressure and closed by gravity.
10. Assisted by gravity, the concentrates are piped as slurry down to the smaller port of Coloso just south of Antofagasta, where they are dewatered for shipping.
11. Purite is recovered by gravity separation from magnetically separated tailings.
12. The point of actuation by gravity has not been investigated by the karabiner manufacturers and is subject to an unknown tolerance range.
13. The purified water then descends by gravity to a basement holding tank.
14. Observations of graded bedding, trough structures and cross-layering suggested sedimentation from magmatic currents induced either by convection or by gravity currents.
15. Astronomers have observed many systems in which two stars orbit around each other, attracted toward each other by gravity.
16. Because string theory has so much symmetry, it can accommodate the disparate faces of nature displayed by gravity and quantum theory.
17. The distribution system is a low pressure hot water one operating by gravity.
18. This water was distributed to and over the fields primarily by gravity flow.
19. Euler's equation in wavenumber domain has been derived based on its spatial expression and tested by gravity and magnetic anomalies of sphere model respectively.
20. As the electric crawler inches forward along a sand base layer, the bricks are automatically packed together by gravity.
21. A pipe or channel designed to transport water from a remote source, usually by gravity.
22. In the over - and - under configuration, effluent recycle ( when used ) returns by gravity to the settling zone.
22. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
23. M. Shen seed quality classification. Two grades were divided with the seed density by gravity dividing machine of 5XZ-3.0 model.
24. METHODS Natural sedimentation, where microbial particles in the air were settled by gravity on nutrient agar media before and after disinfection.
25. When evaporation was stopped during the process of soil water redistribution, soil water would move downslope by gravity.
26. The original interstice is formed during flocculation and tends to be close or open by gravity action during concretion, which makes the horizontal interstice more permeable than the vertical one.
27. The real stress of lining was made up of frost force and original stress by gravity.
28. Our solar system lies in a suburb of a vast celestial city, a colossal community of stars, bound together by gravity the Milky Way galaxy.
29. The die construction , running principle and features, technological process flow, technique parameters and product performance of aluminum alloy integral naves by gravity die casting are described.
30. And then, when you keep adding force-- which we will do by gravity, - we will just hang weights on it-- then it starts to bend over, up to a point here which we call the elastic limit.
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