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Black box in a sentence

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Sentence count:82Posted:2017-07-03Updated:2017-07-03
Similar words: blackbodyblackboardblackballblackberrybackbonebackboardto the backboneblackMeaning: n. equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight. 
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61. Black box testing is dependent on the tester knowing what the system output is going to be given a particular system input.
62. This example measures the frequency response of an unknown black box.
63. Second, many excellent black box testers have no programming experience.
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64. In the paper, the set theory is applied to the study of the test case of black box testing.
65. Black box testing is executed without technical knowledge of the underlying code and performed solely by executing the compiled application.
66. Gallery Three – the "black box" – has only a hint of natural light, integrated into and through the iris of the sandblasted eye pattern on the exterior cast in place concrete walls.
67. The drug carries a so - called black box about side effects.
68. These processes are often referred to as box and black box testing.
69. Both load and performance tests come under black box testing.
70. A digital multi - meter measures the output voltage of the black box.
71. To meet the requirements for black box testing of CISS (Computer Interlocking Safety critical Software), the safety requirements of CISS are denoted hierarchically and formally.
72. Then adopting the so-called virtual experiment, it is analyzed the computation accuracy of the black box model in verified conditions.
73. Our new approach to systems development is based on both defined and black box process management.
74. By applying black box theory inlet pressure, inlet subcooling, outlet pressure and valve opening are selected as influence factors to flow coefficient of electronic expansion valve (EEV).
75. Finally, when there were eight WDM optical input signals, using the black box model and two level model respectively, we simulated the amplified optical spectrum.
76. A module interface specification must be written for each module. It must be formal and provide a black box picture of each module.
77. The black box that is FICC generated net revenue.
78. The reforging interface on live is a boring brown and black box, with pulldown menus to help you choose the stats you want to reforge to.
79. Because neural network is a black box model, it is difficult to explain the knowledge hidden in it.
80. The result of the experiments optimized by the fuzzy black box model is better than that of the original experiments.
81. The black box contains mirrors, prisms, splitters and other laser tweaking tools.
82. At this point in the process, use case implementation provides a means to identify invalid tests, remove redundant paths, and plan black box testing with no guesswork as to coverage.
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