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Bile acid in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2019-07-07Updated:2019-07-07
Similar words: deacidificationaciddiacidplacidperacidacidlyacidicsuperacidMeaning: n. any of the steroid acids generated in the liver and stored with bile. 
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1. Total bile acid concentration was calculated as the sum of all gas liquid chromatography detected individual bile acids.
2. This study confirms previous findings that faecal bile acid losses are increased appreciably in patients with cystic fibrosis.
3. The reduced bile acid absorption is likely to reflect damage to the terminal ileal mucosa.
4. It could so happen that slight bile acid malabsorption may or may not affect bile acid synthesis.
5. The bile acid concentration in faecal water also decreased with increasing dietary calcium, and this was not influenced by dietary phosphate.
6. Faecal bile acid loss in cystic fibrosis is unrelated to the presence of intraluminal fat or intestinal bacterial overgrowth.
7. The only patient given bile acid therapy who developed stone recurrence, stopped treatment after only two weeks because of side effects.
8. Stool frequency and volume decreased and bile acid absorption increased after treatment.
9. The SeHCAT test has made intestinal bile acid malabsorption much more easy to detect.
10. This could result from bile acid mediated effects on cellular proliferation through several possible pathways as already discussed.
11. This was coupled with an increased faecal bile acid concentration and proportion of secondary faecal bile acids.
12. Thus patients with significant bile acid malabsorption can be expected to have an increased production of bile acids.
13. Invitro studies have shown impairment of bile acid absorption in the ileal mucosa of patients with cystic fibrosis.
14. Excessive faecal bile acid losses have not been found in all studies in adult patients with cystic fibrosis.
15. In contrast to fatty acids, the total bile acid concentration was hardly influenced by the different diets.
16. In the past, many patients were accepted for bile acid treatment without specific, gall stone related symptoms.
17. Bile acid malabsorption and increased synthesis of bile acids were even detected in cholecystectomised patients without intestinal pathology.
18. Choice of bile acid - Ursodeoxycholic acid was chosen in preference to chenodeoxycholic acid because it is virtually free from side effects.
19. Thus a correlation between faecal fat and faecal bile acid excretion has not been seen in all studies.
20. It is most likely that cholesterol and bile acid hyposecretion make the AKR strain susceptible to the development of fatty livers and resistant to gallstone formation.
21. Bile acid reflux testing equipment currently has ery limited commercial aailability.
22. Similar difficulties arise in the interpretation of another study of polyp patients that showed no differences in faecal bile acid excretion.
23. Furthermore,( ) dietary manipulation studies have shown that high fat intake can increase faecal bile acid excretion.
24. Furthermore, the results of most studies suggest that obese individuals respond less well to oral bile acid treatment than the non-obese.
25. Such diurnal variations may possibly explain why two of the patients showed increased bile acid synthesis but normal SeHCAT values.
26. Not all studies support a direct link between fat malabsorption and faecal bile acid losses.
27. This inhibition is caused by the formation of insoluble precipitates of calcium, phosphate, and bile acid micelles.
28. Only one of four studies in polyps has shown any increase in faecal bile acid excretion in this group.
29. Cholesterol was added to increase the intestinal concentration of bile acids, because dietary cholesterol stimulates bile acid synthesis in rats.
30. No patient had a coexisting medical complaint likely to affect bile acid metabolism nor had any undergone previous bowel surgery other than appendicectomy.
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