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Be converted to in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2023-01-05Updated:2023-01-05
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1. Corporate America is not about to be converted to the environmentalist cause.
2. Level crossings along the route will be converted to radio control, and will communicate with both control centre and trains.
3. These allow a store of chemical energy to be converted to electrical energy as required.
4. Beta carotene can be converted to vitamin A in the body.
5. Loft conversion Not all homes can be converted to make extra space - particularly modern homes with trussed rafters.
6. Some of the schools will be converted to new uses: adult education centres, for example.
7. Chemical energy may be converted to heat.
8. Null String Variant cannot be converted to a character.
9. Chemical energy amy be converted to heat.
10. According to Zadeh's possibility theory( converted to.html), the model can be converted to deterministic model by converting chance constrains to their respective crisp equivalents.
11. Almost any file type could be converted to work with Maker.
12. As the child gets older, the pacifier can be converted to a teething ring and then removed completely, leaving the child with a comforting doll.
13. Electrical energy may be converted to heat, light or chemical energy.
14. A variable number of arguments to be converted to text as dictated by the format string.
15. This value means that the data retrieved will be converted to EBCDIC format.
16. With a compiler, a given source statement may be converted to any number of machine - level instructions .
17. L - Arginine can be converted to L - citrulline with arginine deiminase which was found in the Streptococcus faecalis.
18. Every relative file path has to be converted to an absolute file path by the PHP engine.
19. The commensurate fractional order systems can be converted to the integer order systems through approximation method.
20. Should the Housing Choice Voucher Program Be Converted to a Block Grant?
21. These metal complexes can also be converted to other varieties of colored compounds if they were oxidized. Such kind of color effect can be applied on human hair dyeing.
22. The existing international airport, at Subang outside Kuala Lumpur, could be converted to a domestic, cargo or military airport.
23. At first, David suggested putting removable glass over it, so it could be converted to a dining table.
24. In order to implement accurate control to the controlled plant, the fuzzy variable has to be converted to an exact value, and this step is called defuzzification, as shown in the Figure above.
25. Time elapsing , the old houses are replaced by more and more cement steel high-rise constructions, in that case they are already unable to be converted to the spiritual homeland in our mind.
26. Finally, there's an important caveat you need to remember: once a database has been created or converted to use automatic storage, it cannot be converted to a nonautomatic storage database.
27. After completing Step 1, by default all the subunits in the subunits list table will be converted to fragments.
28. The thermal energy stored in the mixed vapours is intended to be converted to mechanical energy in a thermal power machine, in order to operate an electrical generator.
29. Under the optimum conditions , 90 % terfenadine could be converted to fexofenadine in Erlenmeyer flasks.
30. It is found that the TCO can modulate REB, that the modulated beam can be converted to HPM, and that the frequency of microwave accords with theoretical ones.
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