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Banking institution in a sentence

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1. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Thomas Jefferson 
2. Your banking institution must ensure that the cheque is drawn on a Canadian Bank and is cashable at no charge by our office.
3. Your banking institution, for instance, makes use of the phone system and has Access Management mechanisms for authorization and authentication purposes.
4. The development process of the central banking institution of the National Government embodied a dominated change and it resulted in a policy failure.
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5. Serial branch number of a banking institution is worked out by the bank directly over it, which shall be only in one city.
6. Under the direct log-in mode, a banking institution or PBC branch will ask its special operators for the network check system to directly log into the said system for the network check.
7. As the prototype banking institution which opened a new epoch of modern times credit and inherited credit civilization, Shanxi Banks had ever held an un-neglectable status.
8. A banking institution may modify, delete and search bank settlement account information in the for- approval database.
9. Apart from the prescribed businesses, a banking institution may conduct an on-line verification when it handles other bank businesses for the purpose of intensifying the internal management.
10. Where the filing is made on a case-by-case basis, the banking institution shall make filing by submitting singly the information on the opening of an individual bank settlement account to the RBSAMS.
11. With the approach of new institutional economics(, the author analyses the central banking institution of the National Government.
12. Whoever forges, alters or transfers the permit for operation of a commercial bank or any other banking institution shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
13. Article 25 The People's Bank of China may open accounts for banking institution as needed, but may not allow them to overdraw.
14. Then study the resource and composition of the pawnshop capital to discover the transformation of the oldest banking institution along with the change of modern society.
15. On this basis, the paper gives the theoretical framework of banking institution transformation history.
16. Experience and reference had been offered during the late Qing Dynasty and the period of the Northern Warlords Regime, though central banking institution had failed to be set up.
17. Writing off 50% of that would hurt, but it wouldn't send a major European banking institution toppling.
18. It is an issue which has aroused quite a number of controversies about whether Danwei's cheating banking institution for loans constitutes a crime and what crime it would be.
19. Despite pleading innocence, the images of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in handcuffs was unbecoming of the leader of the global banking institution.
20. Extending of illegal absorbing deposit of the public leads to enforcement of monopolizing of banking institution.
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