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Armor plating in a sentence

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Similar words: armor platearmour-platedplate armordoorplateplatinggold platingmetal platingchrome platingMeaning: n. specially hardened steel plate used to protect fortifications or vehicles from enemy fire. 
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1 It has excellent shield defenses, but poor armor plating.
2 Its body is covered in an armor plating of diamond-shaped , enamel-coated ganoid scales, and it's been said that this shining armor can produce sparks when struck by an axe.
3 The Director says that the Gamma rays can easily be detected at the far side of a foot of steel armor plating.
4 Hacked cargo manifests showed deliveries of battlecruiser weight neosteel armor plating extending back over a year.
5 On-screen, the Stalingrad took a direct hit on her port side. Plasma etched through the meters of titanium-A armor plating like a blowtorch through rice paper, and her center amidships decks vented.
6 They also carried automated laser cannon turrets programmed to attack inceptor starfighters, along with armor plating and advanced shields that defended against both turbolasers and ion cannons.
7 Powerful servomotors drive its legs, overcoming the weight of its heavy armor plating.
8 Much of the spaceframe of the TIE/D comes from the standard TIE, with additional armor plating, twin laser cannons, and rectangular solar arrays for additional power needs.
9 Because of its strength and durability,( CJ bearing even as the armor plating of an important part is used to tunnel ceiling support system.
10 But in “The Sense of an Ending, ” he has dispensed with detachment and shed his armor plating.
11 Current suits on the market weigh anywhere from 60 to 70 pounds, and all that armor plating makes moving around pretty difficult.
12 The Mon Calamari converted their beautiful exploration ships and space liners with weapon mounts and armor plating, turning them into the Mon Calamari star cruisers.
13 "The energy shield failed, " Qui-Gon said. "And the armor plating peeled off.
14 It contains the gunner stations for the four laser cannons mounted overhead, and the armor plating protecting them.
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