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Alkali metal in a sentence

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Similar words: alkalialkalinealkalinityalkaloidalkalosismetalinguistictalk abouttalkativeMeaning: n. any of the monovalent metals of group I of the periodic table (lithium or sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium or francium). 
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(1) The hydration enthalpies of some alkali metal ions and halide ions are shown in table 5.11.
(2) Soluble in acid, alkali metal hydroxides, ammonia, ammonium carbonate and ammonium chloride solution, water and ethanol and insoluble, odorless, non-toxic.
(3) The ethoxylation of span-80 catalyzed by several alkali metal salts and alkali earth metal salts has been studied in this article. The new catalyst(DF-1) was found effective for the ethoxylation.
(4) All the members of the alkali metal family, form ions having charge of 1 + only.
(5) Three kinds of atoms are avaliable for C_(60) doping:alkali metal( metal.html), alkaline earth metal and other elements.
(6) By two alkyl halide with alkali metal or alkaline earth metal polysulfides from condensation.
(7) The determination of alkali metal and alkaline earth metal ions by single-column cation chromatography was described.
(8) The paper discusses the solution differences between alkali metal hydroxide and alkaline earth hydroxide from thermodynamics.
(9) Poly ( acrylic acid acrylamide ) alkali metal salt complex is a new kind of solid polymer electrolytes.
(10) By controlling combustion temperature or adding kaolin clay to make alkali metal salts into high melting substances, coking can be avoided in dense phase zone.
(11) A novel armed crown ether has been synthesized and its chromophoric sensor behavior and the binding ability with alkali metal and alkaline earth cations were investigated.
(12) Orthophosphite ions produced by oxidation of hypophosphite in an electroless nickel plating bath can be removed by precipitation with an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal cation such as calcium.
(13) A new chalcogenide glass system containing higher content of alkali metal ions was developed.
(14) Briquettes made with organic binder are superior to those made with inorganic one in cost and alkali metal content, but their high temperature strengths are poor.
(15) Non - alkali cloth made form aluminum boron silicate glass contains less than 0.8 % of alkali metal oxide.
(16) There is also described a polymerization process using the alkali metal salt to yield PEK with high inherent viscosity and improved mechanical and thermal properties.
(17) In this study, we studied the effect of initial Bombyx mori silk fibroin structure on the protein biomineralization, where the structural transition was induced by the alkali metal ion treatment.
(18) The invention relates to a glass composition for use in a lamp bulb including cobalt oxide to provide a blue colored glass, which composition comprises alkali metal oxide including lithium oxide.
(19) In this paper, the main research object is the alkali metal sodium, potassium, sodium and rare earth elements neodymium doped binary compound doped lanthanum manganese ceramic.
(20) An energy band model amorphous semiconductor is presented for alkali metal antimonide photocathode , which is different from previous crystalline model.
(21) Except for hydrogen, a gas, the elements of group IA make up the alkali metal family.
(22) Water, acrylonitrile and the galactomannan gum are added to a reactor with an alkali metal hydroxide.
(23) Different functional group also brings different influence for the absorbance of alkali metal.
(24) This PaPer Presents the quantum mechanics Solution to the alkali metal atoms in the Slowly varying magnetic field.
(25) Undissolved in water or ethanol, easily dissolves in inorganic acid(nitric acid, hydrochloric acid), acetic acid and ammonium chloride solution, slightly dissolves in alkali metal carbonate solution.
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