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Address space in a sentence

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Sentence count:80Posted:2021-02-12Updated:2021-02-12
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1. Each connector has at least one associated address space.
2. It'simulates creating a process's address space.
3. A processor's standard address space. "
4. This reserved address space is called the managed heap.
5. An address within the local store's address space is called a local store address (LSA), while an address within the controlling process on the PPE is called an effective address (EA).
6. We present an EVP address space model for the information grid.
7. Your ISP assigned you a full class B address space. From this, you need at least 300 sub-networks that can support at least 50 hosts each.
8. It used a 15-bit word-based address space, limiting the machine to 64KB of core memory.
9. The Linux kernel occupies a single address space, which means that a failure of the kernel or any driver results in the entire operating system crashing.
10. It just inherits service class from its originator address space.
11. The address space corresponding to instruction memory is always indicated cacheable, which is correct in function.
12. EDITBIN assigns new base addresses in a contiguous address space according to the size of each file rounded up to the nearest 64 KB.
13. Each adds their public exported address space to the host module's private address space, specifically ffcpl:/accounting/.*, ffcpl:/payroll/.* and ffcpl:/crm/.*.
14. On a program's start, the system loader reads these instructions and loads the appropriate DLLs into the process' address space.
15. When accounting Pioneer-net card a block device, the device driver can transmit data between user address space and kernel address space.
16. When a DLL is loaded, it is mapped into the address space of the calling process.
17. The first copy (see Figure 1) is performed by the direct memory access (DMA) engine, which reads file contents from the disk and stores them into a kernel address space buffer.
18. The strategy pattern is usually implemented in a single address space using a single programming language.
19. Process B finds the segment via its named pipe and also maps the segment into its address space.
20. Pass-by-copy semantics for mutable serializable objects when running in a single address space.
21. As well as being a physical package for deployment, a module defines the logical address space for resources and their relationship to physical code.
22. For example, the user ID for the channel initiator address space needs the authority to connect to the queue manager, but the channels themselves do not.
23. Memory addressability - A 32-bit system can directly address only a 4-GB address space.
24. The spu_mfcdma32() function takes a 32-bit value even though the target processor (the PPE) has a native 64-bit address space.
25. So if you have multiple modules that you're loading into a single address space, you must set different preferred base addresses for each module.
26. The SPEs do not have direct access to main memory, but only a small (256K on the PS3) local store (LS) which is in an independent[], 32-bit address space.
27. And while each user-space process occupies its own virtual address space, the kernel occupies a single address space.
28. In DPPX, an address relative to the origin a nested address space.
29. The I/O Read command is used to read data from an agent mapped in I/O Address Space.
30. Shared code must appear in same location in the logical address space of all processes.
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