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Acid value in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2021-01-13Updated:2021-01-13
Similar words: land valuesound valueFixed valueadded valuestated valuestored valueinsured valuethreshold valueMeaning: n. (chemistry) the amount of free acid present in fat as measured by the milligrams of potassium hydroxide needed to neutralize it. 
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1. Amygdalin and moisture content of peach kernel, acid value (AV), peroxide value (POV) and carbonyl value of its oil were measured every 15 days.
2. Results The acid value and the saponification value in Cera Chinensis could be determined successfully.
3. Effects of different testing methods on acid value are compared.
4. This study established determination of paddy fatty acid value with instrument.
5. The influence of MAP on red pine oleic acid value at room temperature was studied to provide scientific and technical reference for storage of pine nut.
6. With increasing acid value, density, salt and sulfur in Liaohe Crude, The HCI-H2SO4-H2O corrosion in overhead condensing system of atmospheric-vacuum unit was deteriorating.
7. The effect of the storage time on the acid value of expanded rice bran was studied.
8. Greeniz solvent for determining the acid value of rosin glyceride by means of titration was studied.
9. The changes of molecular weight, life under heat, acid value, hydroxyl value and chlorine content of lac resin during bleaching and de-chlorinating processes have been studied.
10. Saponification value , acid value of waste oils and water content were tested.
11. But how to confirm the limit of acid value is the key point and most difficult.
12. Fatty acid value is one of sensitive indexes of grain quality.
13. The yellowing effect of E10 synthetic low acid value resin to paint film of nitrocellulose lacquer and to the original lacquer was studied.
14. And acid value,( ) peroxide value and carbonyl value all showed good correlations with frying time.
15. Oils used in the saponification value , acid value , iodine value and cold spots.
16. These resins were characterized by acid value, soft point, DSC - TGA, and compared with rosin.
17. The refrigeration was helpful in the stability of acid value.
18. Antioxidant activities of six spice materials have been measured using peroxidevalue ( POV ) and acid value ( AV ) after extraction with dichloromethane.
19. An accurate and simple method for determination of fatty acid value of rice was developed.
20. Thymol Blue can be used as the titrimetric terminal point indicator to determine vegetable oil acid value.
21. And at the same time, the sprouting rate of the paddy diminishes, whereas its fatty acid value, reduced carbohydrate and iodine blue value rise[], with its edibility unchanged.
22. Two - step catalyzed process was adopted to prepare biodiesel from Soybean oil with high acid value.
23. Technology of sulfuric acid catalyzed ethyl esterification of high acid value tuna oil was studied.
24. The equipment corrosion and corrosion resistance in processing oil with high acid value are reviewed.
25. The fat-soluble phosphorus index was found to be lineally proportional to the water-soluble nitrogen index, germination rate and the acid value of oil of soybean.
26. The effects of the method repeatability, sample mass, standard titrate solution and enviroment temperature on the uncertainty of PTA acid value determined with titrimetry were assessed and discussed.
27. Glycerin was added to esterify with free fatty acids in rice bran oil containing high acid value under the conditions of high temperature, high vacuum and being catalyzed.
28. Oil is an important composition in seeds and fruits. Admeasure acid value and saponification value can control the quality.
29. The effect of terpenyl gallates on high temperature stability was studied by evaluation of acid value of biodiesel.
30. Extraction of oil form pretreated rice bran by supercritical CO2 will decrease its acid value and increase its yield.
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