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Absorbed energy in a sentence

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(1) A household radiator absorbs energy in the form of electric current and releases it in the form of heat.
(2) Plants absorb energy from the sun.
(3) Dry areas would no longer absorb energy(, and would not be at risk from the high local power-input.
(4) Carbon dioxide is a so-called greenhouse gas, which absorbs energy from the sun, making the air warmer.
(5) This absorbs energy from the impact.
(6) Methods When the total absorbed energy was defined, with the proposed TCP model and the method of Lagrange multiplier, the condition which can cause the optimum TCP will be derived.
(7) Conclusions: The maximum bending force, deformations, stiffness and absorbed energy increased with subjects' age, and boy's long bones have higher resistance to bending than girl's bones.
(8) The absorbed energy by structure is adopted as the objective function, and it is a trial in the filed of building structure dynamic optimization.
(9) Load versus deflection is being recorded. Absorbed energy quantities are translated in toughness indices (USA) or an equivalent flexural strength (Japan, Europe).
(10) Thus we have the essential absorbed energy initiation unique interpretation theory frame to form have own characteristic thinking mode, and instruction creation practice.
(11) The absorbed energy before skull-bone fractured was significant relation with torque and angle. The absorbed energy increased as pin-bone angle increased and torque increased.
(12) The absorbed energy property and deformation characteristic of magnesium alloy under high strain rate loading are described.
(13) The results showed that absorbed energy, initial angles, maximum acceleration, and restitution coefficient have obvious effect on bruise volume.
(14) Its absorbed energy efficiency is about 2-3 times of rubber absorber.
(15) Luminescence is a process during which the absorbed energy is converted to optical radiation in some way.
(16) The nonlinear parameter estimation technique can simultaneously estimate the thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient and absorbed energy.
(17) Furthermore the quantity and the dimension of inclusion are also decreased by ESR, as a result the value of impact absorbed energy at room temperature is increased.
(18) Now I massively absorb the life energy to repair my injury organism. Besides looking people hence get benefits, although they has absorbed energy is quite limited.
(19) Besides looking people hence get benefits , although they has absorbed energy is quite limited.
(20) In most plants, xanthophylls function as accessory pigments in photosynthesis: they absorb light at wavelengths where chlorophyll has low absorption and pass the absorbed energy to chlorophyll.
(21) Immediately, I move my spirit force to let all absorbed energy concentrate on my both hands and mix few own na?ve Qi, using this way I can control the massive world original Qi through few naive Qi.
(22) A computerized model has been developed which allows the calculation of the absorbed energy profile in materials exposed to particulate radiation.
(23) When two vehicles front surfaces bump into eachother, the absorbed energy of large vehicle is smaller than that of the standard size vehicle.
(24) Through analysis, the phenomenon was thought to have something to do with the absorbed energy of sheet flow on the different slope.
(25) Differences in striking ship bow stiffness, draft, bow height and shape have an important influence on the allocation of absorbed energy between striking and struck ships.
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