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Yellow dog in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2017-05-07Updated:2017-05-07
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1. Robert ( puzzled ): Is that the mean yellow dog about? It is white.
2. He did such a thing. He was a yellow dog.
3. Will Yellow Dog now advertise itself as the choice of Mac users and thereby dilute its hard core fan base?
4. The yellow dog belonged to Lao Pan, a single man who died earlier this month aged 68.
5. In addition, open source alternatives such as apt (Advanced Packaging Tool) for Debian or yum (Yellow dog updater, modified) for RPM Package Manager-based distributions are available.
6. Did you see a yellow dog pass here?
7. He is a yellow dog, and nobody would like to get along with him.
8. They saw a yellow dog run out from behind the door.
8. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
9. Yellow dog body white, White dog swollen body.
10. Yellow dog or yellow dog toys, pictures, word CARDS "yellow dog".
11. Across the garden, the big yellow dog snorted and made digging motions with his paws.
12. In the third room, a big yellow dog was sitting on a box.
13. Mom and dad can and baby play "after the dog" game: mother put word CARDS "yellow dog" throw out, please dad carrying a baby go after, and pick up first.
14. It's a yellow dog.
15. The song is spirited, you looked that the old lady, the girl, the small tabby cat, the small yellow dog they help the child to pull out the radish,[] one all full of energy.
16. "This is where the money is," said Chauncey Moran, vice chairman of the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve conservation group, whose mission is to protect the Yellow Dog River and surrounding watersheds.
17. The build commands in this article assume that you have Yellow Dog Linux installed according to the instructions in Part 1.
18. In spite of the fact that you treat him very well, he is a yellow dog .
19. Comparing with the autumn in northland, it is just like yellow wine with colorless liquor, rice gruel with steamed bun, and perch with big crab and yellow dog with camel.
20. Francesca: Cutter's a farm. Small house, close to the road. big , mean yellow dog.
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