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Written form in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-06-11Updated:2018-06-11
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1 They are published in authoritative, written form and, as acts of Parliament, are interpreted by the courts.
2 Everything he had said I found eventually in written form.
3 The Hawaiian tongue was given a written form for the express purpose of translating the Bible.
4 Having a constitution in our country in written form is proving of considerable significance.
5 It can not be recorded in written form elsewhere, however; the understanding is intuitive.
6 It is the fact of being the written form which establishes it as the standard.
7 Only the written form contract will be operated, any other form will be not approved.
8 Most folktales eventually move from oral tradition to written form.
9 Have frequently used phone easily accessible, either in written form or an electronic device.
10 In which the written form, including telegraph, telex, fax, electronic data interchange and email.
11 Please pay attention to the written form. Line up the equal sign s.
12 The arbitration agreement should be taken in written form and signed by the parties under the traditional arbitration law.
13 When Impawn contract of bill does not requires written form, it isn't tenable , which is not invalid.
14 Adequate English especially in mechanical drawing and written form, and able to compose simple report.
15 The writing system is not a pan-dialectal written form that ties all varieties of Chinese together, as many believe.
16 In written form, Vietnamese uses the Roman alphabet and accent marks to show tones.
17 Identify your problem area and define your objectives briefly and coherently in written form. 4.
18 The comparison expression, which has phonetic pausing in spoken form and is separated with punctuation marks in written form, is a special form of expression.
19 Article 185 To create a mortgage interest,( the parties concerned shall conclude a mortgage contract in written form.
20 Official documentary language is characterized by non - individuality , written form, explicitness, objectiveness, and stylization.
21 One Cherokee scholar, Sequoyah, saw how important reading and writing was to the white man. He decided to make a written form of the spoken Cherokee language.
22 Traditionally forest-dwelling, they follow an animist religion rooted in nature, and their languages have no written form.
23 The change of this agreement or additional article, should be subject to written form.
24 In 1986, the State Language Commission issued a list of 2,235 simplified Chinese characters as a way to standardize the written form of the language.
25 A trust may be created orally, but usually is set up in a written form.
26 A member of an ancient Jewish sect that emphasized strict interpretation and observance of the Mosaic law in both its oral and written form.
27 Most importantly, they have to learn by heart the entire history of the Qiang and all their scriptures, because the Qiang language has no written form.
28 Where any shortage, damages or loss is found, Party B shall notify Party A in written form in the same day.
29 A format contract on the net is a specially written form contract.
30 The modification of a labor contract must be in written form.
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