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Worried in a sentence

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Sentence count:298+44 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-28Updated:2016-12-28
Synonym: apprehensivedisquieteddistresseddisturbedupsetSimilar words: marriedhorrifieddriedtorridworryterrifiedhorriblecorridorMeaning: ['wɜrɪd /'wʌ-] adj. 1. afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief 2. mentally upset over possible misfortune or danger etc. random good picture
1 The police are worried that the man may be armed.
2 I'm not worried about her-she can take care of herself.
3 We were not in the least worried about the possibility that sweets could rot the teeth.
4 You look worried. What's the matter?
5 We walked slowly,( even happiness are worried.
6 I'm worried about washing that shirt in case it shrinks.
7 I'm sympathetic to parents who are worried about what their children see on television.
8 I was worried when Barry didn't come back at the usual time.
9 Doctors are worried about the possible spread of the disease.
10 I told him I was worried but he laughed scornfully.
11 She gave me a worried look.
12 After twenty minutes I started to get worried.
13 Children are worried about failing in front of their peers.
14 I was worried I wouldn't be able to hang my washing out.
15 George worried along six months trying to support a large family.
16 I'm worried about my husband's health.
17 Dad looked sad and worried as he read the letter.
18 In spite of her fears[], she always worried through.
19 I was worried that it might be too difficult for me but I found the contrary.
20 She seemed neither surprised nor worried.
21 He was worried by all the cares of the family.
22 I started to get worried when they didn't arrive home.
23 We worried about his dependency on his mother.
24 We're not too worried by these results.
25 Doctors held a special clinic to talk to worried parents after a child at the school died of meningitis.
26 I was worried you wouldn't come.
27 "But you're not unduly worried about doing this report?" — "No.".
28 Gill seems rather distracted at the moment - I think she's worried about her exams.
29 Smiling is always easier than explaining what you are worried.
30 He tried to sound casual, but I knew he was worried.
More similar words: marriedhorrifieddriedtorridworryterrifiedhorriblecorridorcarrierbarrierworry aboutalliedlie downsorryratifiedfrenziedhorrorborrowor ratherjustifiedsatisfiedspecifiedgratifiedcorrectclassifiedaccompaniedarriveborrowedpreoccupiedwarrior
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