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With emphasis on in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2019-01-06Updated:2019-01-06
Similar words: emphasisemphasiseemphasisedde-emphasispre-emphasisoveremphasisoveremphasiseemphasize
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1. The Mercantile invests for long-term capital growth with emphasis on emerging companies worldwide.
2. Introduction to nonlinear problems with emphasis on practical modelling, illustrative examples from pure and applied science, and use of computers.
3. Applied GTAW and SMAW to weld Ammonia Saturator with emphasis on preweld treatment and controlling welding heat input, high welding quality and efficiency were reached.
4. Introduce the functional anatomy and ultrastructure of insects, with emphasis on adaptation and evolutionary emphasis on.html
5. Basic concepts of nuclear physics with emphasis on nuclear structure and radiation interactions with matter.
6. Summary with emphasis on the specification of standards.
7. Features of RF SOI CMOS technology are presented with emphasis on its low cross-talk characteristics and passive element performances.
8. The mutual coupling in adaptive array's is studied with emphasis on the array composed of dipoles.
9. Summary with emphasis on customer relationship management.
10. Tertiary education with emphasis on Finance or equivalent, Fluent verbal Chinese & English .
11. This comprehensive manual demonstrates basic laparoscopic techniques step-wise, with emphasis on practical details and tips.
12. The mineralization is studied with emphasis on ore geology, rare earth element haloid element and metallogenic model.
13. To provide an overview of compiler theory with emphasis on lexical and syntax analysis.
14. CPA's audit report includes an unqualified opinion with emphasis on matter paragraph, a qualified opinion, an adverse opinion and a disclaimer of opinion.
15. The relevant algorithm is discussed, with emphasis on the array combining, symbol cancellation, optimal detection ordering.
16. Amerimine, through its subsidiary AUI, intends to enter the forestry business in China, with emphasis on plantation forestry.
17. Objective: The intensive stimulating methods of upper extremity proprioceptive sensibility after hemiplegia were introduced with emphasis on its curative effect.
18. The precompilation processing for embedded DML language of MEDB is presented with emphasis on the system mechanism and the objective code of the precompiler.
19. From historical view, it showed the adjunctive action of AD was only be recognized with emphasis on its action as corrigent and effect on complications.
20. The aim of this course is to introduce the students to essential business programming concepts and skill, with emphasis on business information systems construction.
21. In this paper environmental impacts of deep ocean mining are briefly reviewed, with emphasis on the effects on oceanic ecosystem. They include effects on benthos, planktons, food chain and so on.
22. A new concept of matching - dynamic is proposed with emphasis on the importance of efficiency in matching.
23. We should seek both temporary and permanent solutions to the problems , with emphasis on permanent solutions.
24. In this paper , the synthesis of soluble conducting polymers was reviewed with emphasis on polyacetylene and its derivates. Their structure, property and recent development are also described.
25. Applying MDT API, the method of the developing CAD system is discussed with emphasis on. The spherical triangle arithmetic is presented hi the fixture assembled vision calculation of space angle.
26. In this paper, the recent developments of gradient cemented carbide and cermet are reviewed, with emphasis on their manufacturing processing, properties , and typical applications.
27. The total flow chart of and steel industry was introduced, with emphasis on usage of motors.
28. A prospectively maintained database of 507 LPN procedures since September 1999 was retrospectively analyzed with emphasis on postoperative complications.
29. The Macaulay computer algebra system is useful for polynomial computations with emphasis on Grobner basis calculations.
30. Essential characteristics and the routing for LN are described in this paper, and some routing methods fot LN are briefly analyzed, with emphasis on All routing strategy.
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