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Wiretapping in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-09-27Updated:2017-09-27
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1. The coach said his club had wire-tapped the hotel room of a player during a road trip.
2. If he suspected an employee of dishonesty, he was not above wire-tapping.
3. They wiretapped the representatives' conversations.
4. He doesn't know that the police wiretapped this house.
5. Interception of cell phone calls has been a criminal act since 1986, when those devices were included in federal wiretap statutes.
6. Peter Delevett's Wiretap column appears each Tuesday and Friday.
7. In one case, a law passed last year required telephone companies to design their equipment to allow for wiretaps.
8. Included in the measure are provisions to restrict federal appeals by death-row inmates and to grant police wider authority for wiretaps.
9. The bureau can obtain authority for wiretaps to investigate gun and explosives violations but not threats against its own agents.
10. The bill also would give federal agents authority to obtain wiretaps to detect smuggling and document-fraud crimes.
11. Officials say they have been frustrated to find that telecommunications companies have not consistently built wiretap capabilities into their new technologies.
12. You can find it, along with a great many other political documents, at a gopher called Internet Wiretap.
13. The wiretap provision drew opposition this year from liberals and conservatives concerned about expanding government power.
14. With a little wiretapping, you can figure out what the neurons in Area 7 are interested in.
15. A cracker can also eavesdrop using wiretapping, radio, or auxiliary ports on computers, which are used by network programs.
16. What's the deal with the wiretapping thing?
17. Wiretapping is not new; people have actually been tapping communications a lot longer than people might have thought.
18. She has written articles on wiretapping, workplace privacy and trademark law for Wired magazine.
19. Targeted wiretapping approved by a warrant is essential for fighting crime and terrorism.
20. They don't care if the wiretapping is legal or not.
21. Such as wiretapping mode called "sniffer base on intermix mode".
22. Next came civil war, Abu Ghraib, rendition, waterboarding, official McCarthyism, wiretapping and the slow destruction of key constitutional liberties.
23. He devoted a full column to chewing out government for illegal wiretapping.
24. The press raised a hue and cry against Feds spying into people's business through wiretapping.
25. Christopher Chaney from Jacksonville, Florida faces 26 charges, including unauthorised access to a computer and wiretapping.
26. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra says those who leaked the story of the wiretapping should be prosecuted.
27. The problem was that modifying the copter was expensive, and there was only one mission for it -- to help secretly drop wiretapping equipment on a North Vietnamese communications cable.
28. He made speeches from the stage about rendition, illegal wiretapping, voter suppression, no habeas corpus.
29. The president is criticizing a federal court ruling that calls his warrantless wiretapping program unconstitutional.
30. This computerization paved the way for services such as automated call forwarding and answering systems, which unintentionally but effectively bypassed standard wiretapping techniques.
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