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Windage in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2019-04-14Updated:2019-04-14
Similar words: bandagebondagebandagedpoundageappendagein bondagebrigandageplaster bandageMeaning: n. 1. the retarding force of air friction on a moving object 2. the space between the projectile of a smoothbore gun and the surface of the bore of the gun 3. exposure to the wind (as the exposed part of a vessel's hull which is responsible for wind resistance) 4. the deflection of a projectile resulting from the effects of wind. 
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(1) Put the mouse cursor over the elevation and windage knobs to see the tops.
(2) Dissolved minerals are also lost by windage.
(3) In order to reduce the windage of the simulation, the method of Orthogonal Test is used to obtain the credible simulation results.
(4) This paper determines standard uncertainty for measurement of windage and friction loss of three-phase induction motor through fitting line of least square method.
(5) The disfigurement of market mechanism and the windage of fiscal and tax policy cause huge converse of value and tax burden between middle and west China and east China.
(6) Thickness windage small, suitable for filling machine production, have a low break package rate, the low use cost.
(7) Besides of impersonal factor, diagnosed thought windage is the primary cause of the wrong diagnosis.
(8) The experiment indicates that there is bigger windage between the grain distance of rowing seed and designed grain distance, furthermore reseeding rate of some field is higher.
(9) The plane wave error is always negative windage, when the sound wave is the cycle function of space and time.
(10) According to the balance estimation and calculation of sulfur content, the windage between sulfur content in raw coal and that is tested in system is 2.97%.
(11) This paper introduces a new medical instrument that is used for reducing the windage in the course of thoracic tumor radiotherapy.
(12) This paper introduces the structure of software system about data gathering and communication of bearing windage testing device, the designing of software, and the mostly function and characteristic.
(13) It turned out that this method could assure bearing in optimal windage condition in concrete working condition, accordingly achieve the longest service life.
(14) Discussed its bearing structure design and the reasonable choice of bearing's tolerance and fit, windage, lubrication and airproof .
(15) Besides, it adopts the root mean square value of fitting curves' windage vector as its evaluation standard.
(16) Since the mis sile rotates very slowly during this measurement, the windage forces exerted on the missile are negligible, thus this measurement is of higher precision.
(17) For solid rotor of radial magnetic bearing, besides the windage loss, the iron losses will be significant when the speed is high, and the eddy current loss will be dominant at high speed.
(18) Imitate statics method can not fit for all the gangue-dam anti-slide stability analysis, even though more windage may appear in the result.
(19) There is a small knurled knob at the top right of the sight that is turned to adjust the windage .
(20) Theoretical and experimental study is conducted to solve boiler low-load steady combustion and great gas temperature windage. The technical retrofit of burner is put forward and put into use at site.
(21) The distance travelled can be substantial, and the MC is large and will have significant windage, both of which must be considered in choosing the propulsion system.
(22) Through the new structure of adding feedback cavity on valve core, adjustment windage is less than 10 percent.
(23) The generator loss is composed of iron loss, bearing friction loss, bushing friction loss and windage loss.
(24) The young college students can often get bothered by the feeling of frustration. If it's not dealt with properly, may cause behavior windage.
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