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Willfully in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-08-07Updated:2017-08-07
Similar words: skillfullywillfulskillfulunskillfulskillfulnessskilfullywilfulwilly-nillyMeaning: adv. in a willful manner. random good picture
1. People who know they are positive will not willfully transmit the virus.
2. Scientific research is often willfully misinterpreted by groups campaigning for a cause that is dear to them.
3. He's either badly misinformed or willfully lying.
4. But ignoring them - willfully or innocently - can result in deep embarrassment and lost business.
5. Can student willfully select the course?
6. The CAD module design may combine willfully, list, pair, polychrome printing unit.
7. Cubism was hard to read, willfully ambiguous ( ), and yet demotic too.
8. In history some countries willfully trampled upon other countries'sovereignty.
9. They willfully put God to the test by demanding the food they craved.
10. Less should countries willfully resort to force in tackling energy issues.
11. I think the willfully unimaginative see more monsters.
12. To punish those who knowingly and willfully attempt to violate civil tax laws.
13. And like many techy terms, it is willfully misspelled.
14. The voluntary muscle can move willfully.
15. Crime of willfully and malicious injury, is deliberately and illegally damage the health of others.
16. Willfully destroying your old radio is prohibited.
17. Willfully chipper, perhaps , barely hiding his hurt; but looser and less bottled up.
18. He will never set you at defiance or willfully injure you.
19. I think we are renowned for being willfully different and difficult. We tend to knock back on doing TV, radio and press things but we'll do it for you.
20. I understand, sir. You didn't willfully mislead the police.
21. He willfully set fire to the building.
22. Teachers can not be dismissed for insubordination unless they willfully and deliberately defy school authorities or violate reasonable school rules.
23. This is an innovated module combined device of desulphurization and dust removal, the user could assemble the compages willfully according to the need of teaching and scientific research.
24. Human expediency and lusts go beyond limits and are willfully in the light of day.
25. This product through the manual setting, may adjust the use length willfully.
26. The vendee does not have the right to claim warranty of defects of the subject matter or security for defects of right, unless the client or auctioneer disguises the defects willfully.
27. The most disturbing aspect of this article isn't anything that appears in the article itself, but rather the collection bigoted, jingoistic, and willfully ignorant remarks that followed.
28. To destroy or deface ( public or private property ) willfully or maliciously.
29. A false statement is a statement that can be either willfully or unknowingly untrue.
30. Has each section of polo shirt number, the letter, chooses willfully.
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