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Whip in a sentence

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Synonym: beatfloglacelashpaddlepummelspankstrapstrikethrashSimilar words: hipchipwhichwhitherwhisperwhilewhiteownershipMeaning: [hwɪp /w-] n. 1. an instrument with a handle and a flexible lash that is used for whipping 2. a legislator appointed by the party to enforce discipline 3. a dessert made of sugar and stiffly beaten egg whites or cream and usually flavored with fruit 4. (golf) the flexibility of the shaft of a golf club 5. a quick blow delivered with a whip or whiplike object. v. 1. beat severely with a whip or rod 2. defeat thoroughly 3. thrash about flexibly in the manner of a whiplash 4. strike as if by whipping 5. whip with or as if with a wire whisk 6. subject to harsh criticism. 
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1. If you want a pretence to whip a dog, say that he ate the frying-pam. 
2. The cruel man lashed the horse with his whip.
3. Whip the ingredients into a smooth paste.
4. I had a riding whip with me and I rushed at the fellow and fairly laced into him.
5. He was striking his dog with his whip.
6. I can easily whip up an omelette.
7. He thrashed the horse with his whip.
8. She criticized the government for trying to whip up anti-German prejudice.
9. He cracked the whip and the horse leapt forward.
10. Their opponents had the whip hand and it was useless to resist.
11. The driver's whip snapped and our carriage ran fast.
12. A good speaker can whip the crowd into a fever of excitement.
13. I can whip round to your place after work and collect the papers that I need for tomorrow.
14. What should I whip up for dinner?
15. She lashed the horses mercilessly with her long whip.
16. He continually cracked his whip and shouted at the mule.
17. I can easily whip up an omelet.
18. The dog cringed at the sight of the whip.
19. He was given 30 lashes of the whip.
20. The circus manager snapped his whip.
21. The driver pointed with his whip.
22. He urged the horse on with a whip.
23. The carter flipped at the horse with his whip.
24. The cruel master beat his slaves mercilessly with a whip.
25. The racer lashed the horse across the back with a whip.
26. The dog groveled before his master when he saw the whip.
27. The dog grovelled before his master when he saw the whip.
28. Reed wrote a novel about de Sade titled 'When the Whip Comes Down'.sentencedict .com
29. It's only right that all the candidates should be given a fair crack of the whip.
30. I felt we weren't given a fair crack of the whip.
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