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Well-off in a sentence

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Sentence count:62+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-05-05Updated:2017-05-05
Similar words: well offtell offsell offsmell ofdwell onyellow-belliedall ofcall offMeaning: adj. 1. in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich 2. fortunately situated. random good picture
1. Many pensioners are less well-off than they used to be.
2. We're well-off for public transport here.
3. Cayton describes himself as comfortably well-off.
4. The less well-off pensioners are finding it hard to survive on what they get.
5. Her family was very well-off.
6. Between 2000 and 2015, well-educated, well-off Californians had more to bring them together than to divide them.
7. Alistair took up with a well-off gay group on the Hill.
8. But not all well-off(, high-profile defendants go quietly.
9. Children from well-off families would rather play computer games than go outside.
10. The workers in Mirny are not well-off by any means; in fact, they lead miserable lives.
11. They also said less well-off consumers without cars are losing as superstores move out of town.
12. The well-off westerners who came here for enlightenment, what did they see?
13. The tax cuts were targeted at the less well-off.
14. Meanwhile, well-off laymen kept clergy in virtual peonage.
15. But need she be less well-off?
16. This was also her town; not particularly well-off tourists, Londoners on a free outing, cheap and cheerful communal recreation.
17. Female illiteracy, even in the well-off classes, is one of the characteristics of the decadence that led to colonization.
18. Stella's family is well-off.
19. It is an intrinsical requirement of building a well-off society in an all-round way and a major move to enhance the entire peoples quality to build a learning society.
20. Comprehensive well-off society, public goods are a great wealth of society, are the government, the market, the third sector joint supply of public goods society.
21. It is a resort that clearly caters for the well-off.
22. One suspects, however, that the active wear will be embraced by comfortable well-off commuters in 4x4s.
23. He guessed that, if anything, he must look like an under-steward employed in a moderately well-off family.
24. Even tax breaks for homeowners are an entitlement only for the well-off.
25. Three-floor club patronized by a slightly older, self-consciously stylish, well-off crowd.
26. Tobacco profits jumped 16%, thanks to the growth in smoking in less well-off parts of the world.
27. If so, this would compound the effect on housing of its tax rises for the well-off.
28. Can there remain any public consensus on the social structure if divisions between the well-off and the poor widen?
29. Currently to persist and improve the autonomous system for national areas has great meaning to fully build well-off society and create socialistic harmonious society.
30. This article is to argue that the green GDP guideline system and the circulative economy model are necessary choices in constructing well-off society in China.
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