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Well-matched in a sentence

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Sentence count:23+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-09-28Updated:2017-09-28
Antonym: ill-matchedSimilar words: matchedunmatchedwell-madewell-manneredpatchedlatchedhatchedthatchedMeaning: adj. (of a couple) existing together harmoniously. 
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1 We're a well-matched couple.
2 Two well-matched sides conjured up an entertaining game.
3 Her skills are well-matched to the job.
4 The well-matched tennis players fought a long, close battle.
5 These are fine quality round pearls, well-matched for size, shape and color, with light blemishing and a beautiful deep luster.
6 However even for well-matched fuerdai couples, their parents insist prenuptial agreements are still vital to prevent conflicts in the event of a divorce.
7 He and DAlema were a well-matched pair—two lean, intense, passionate men who were always finding something to laugh about.
8 The two football teams are well-matched.
9 M: Do you think this music is well-matched?
10 It was a well-matched game and the draw was a fair result.
11 Gemini and Sagittarius are great friends,( besides being well-matched lovers.
12 Detail geochemical analyses reveal that they are well-matched in maturity.
13 Do you think this music is well-matched?
14 The two sides are well-matched.
15 They are a well-matched couple.
16 But no beverage on the planet so perfectly complements dinner as a well-matched, dry table wine.
17 Compared with the other theories, it is more suitable to the epistemology and the aim in the civil litigation, so, well-matched causation theory should be the basic theory in proof of causation.
18 But first of all, the topic did come up that Kid Icarus would be revived, and that Kid Icarus would be well-matched with a game idea that was particular to my style.
19 A:Do you think the music and the contents are well-matched?
20 The best protection against pandemic flu – a vaccine well-matched to the virus – will not be available for five months to six months.
21 This is an especially entrepreneur-friendly characteristic of slow capital; it's also well-matched to the current exit environment.
22 The superior efficacy of live attenuated vaccine, as compared with inactivated vaccine, was observed for both antigenically well-matched and drifted viruses.
23 Influenza vaccination is most effective when circulating viruses are well-matched with vaccine viruses.
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