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Well-being in a sentence

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Synonym: eudaemoniaeudaimoniaupbeatwelfarewellbeingSimilar words: well behavedcome into beingwell-bredfor the time beingswellingdwellingalbeitfall behindMeaning: n. a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous. 
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1. We are responsible for the care and well-being of all our patients.
2. A good meal promotes a feeling of well-being.
3. The care and well-being of patients should always come first.
4. She was filled with a sense of well-being.
5. We try to ensure the well-being of our employees.
6. We are now concerned for the economic well-being of the country.
7. We are concerned with the physical and psychological well-being of our employees.
8. Low birth weight is another measure of the well-being of infants and children.
9. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates well-being, calmness and satiety, can be restored by eating carbohydrates.
10. He confided to her his anxiety for the well-being and safety of the new baby.
11. Many a moment of safety and well-being I owe to convention.
12. Taking a brisk walk can often induce a feeling of well-being.
13. People doing yoga benefit from an increased feeling of well-being.
14. A better water supply would contribute dramatically to the villagers' well-being.
15. There is no straightforward equivalence between economic progress and social well-being.
16. This company is seen as a gauge of Britain's industrial well-being.
17. The drug is said to give users a heightened sense of well-being.
18. Fears about the future chipped away at her sense of well-being.
19. He has forfeited a lucrative fee but feels his well-being is more important.
20. His work emphasised the emotional as well as the physical well-being of children.
21. Inside the bottle you will find a handful of sparkling semi-precious gemstones which spiritual healers believe affect our health and well-being.
22. In the morning young people sprinkle their elders with water to bring well-being and continued longevity.
23. Coach O'Brien was praised for his concern for students' well-being.
24. The sympathetic and informed study of ethnic and religious minorities is crucial for the well-being of our multi-racial society.
25. As with Frederick and Catherine[], his overriding consideration was the power and well-being of the State.
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26. The unusually smooth driveline and comfortable ride add to a general sense of well-being.
27. Now he's sober, well-behaved and, like most recovering alcoholics, will be obsessed with his own preservation and well-being.
28. Descartes also claimed that the new rationalist methodology would bring human mastery over nature and a new age of human well-being.
29. Thousands of women can already testify to Regina's extraordinary power to restore balance and well-being in their bodies.
30. They can make a significant contribution to the general health and well-being of individuals and local communities.
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