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Well defined in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2018-03-23Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: well-definedill-defineddefinedundefinedbe defined asdefinedefine asredefine
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1. Humor has been well defined as thinking in fun while feeling in earnest. 
2. These categories are not well defined.
3. Lothian is also a well defined employment centre with nearly 92 percent of its working population employed within its boundary.
4. Many issues, however, were not well defined in the Protocol, or were deliberately left ambiguous.
5. A well defined form According to my dictionary, a tree can be any perennial plant having a self-supporting woody main stem.
6. It has not yet been well defined, whether a similar approach is justified for bile duct injury after laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
7. All paths and tracks are well defined and mostly signposted; route-finding quite easy.
8. Those with well defined social support networks illustrate lower rates of psychological disturbance than their more isolated counterparts.
9. The adsorption on such well defined surfaces provides excellent models for more complicated practical catalysts.
10. CT findings of a well defined enhancing mass at the left gluteal area was confirmed by selective angiography as a pseudoaneurysm of the left superior gluteal artery.
11. There are those who are focused on a well defined semantic model that's used to drive computation.
12. To implement and manage a well defined Channel Policy region , which increase the nationwide channel partners.
13. A test and rebound from a well defined support level . This may develop near 2600 support.
14. At last, one well defined, but flexible, risk exposure based analysis model is developed.
15. Therefore, a well defined, well experimented and well evaluated cohesion metrics is proposed to indicate software cohesion strength and thus improve software quality.
16. Communication is also a social affair, usually taking place within the context of a fairly well defined social situation.
17. The castes, moreover, do not generally graduate into one another,( but are perfectly well defined.
18. The cervical spine in rheumatoid arthritis Needs careful assessment Rheumatoid arthritis commonly affects the cervical spine, causing several well defined deformities.
19. It contrasts with the information needs for operational control which are well defined, detailed and accurate.
20. Chemical Substances Pure substances have a fixed composition and well defined chemical and physical properties.
21. Blackening the sky, they move out from Abbey Park in well defined flight lines to feeding grounds.
22. Thus the term Ring in an index to mathematics is well defined.
23. The low pressure area is shallow and large, and the center is still not well defined, so again the forecast of this typhoon may be difficult.
24. UML ( Unified Modeling Language ) is a modeling language that is well defined, expressive, powerful, and generally applicable.
25. The biochemical properties of the mediators involved in silicotic fibrosis, however, are not yet well defined.
26. Like the sequential model, the incremental model is scoped and planned up front and therefore best suited to projects with very well defined requirements that are not subject to change.
27. Guidelines such as sampling level ( AQL ) and acceptance criteria are not well defined.
27. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
28. To date, the angiogenesis activity of nephroblastoma and its regulators have not been well defined.
29. Results:The similarities of neurilemma and neurofibroma were that both of them were oval, well defined, hypoechoic solid tumors and the nerves connected with the masses.
30. First, is everyone on the team driving toward a well defined and articulative objective?
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