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Wave theory in a sentence

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Sentence count:56Posted:2018-02-12Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: theorym-theorywave trainin theorygerm theorycell theorycolor theorydomino theoryMeaning: n. (physics) the theory that light is transmitted as waves. 
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(1) The wave theory also explains the existence of different colours of light: they are just waves of different lengths.
(2) The understanding of electromagnetic radiation underwent particle theory, wave theory, wave - particle theory.
(3) Using spin wave theory and the equation of motion technique for the Green function, specific heat of ferromagnetic antiferromagnetic double layers at low temperature is investigated.
(4) The slope dynamic stability with elastodynamics wave theory and Boundary Element Method ( BEM ) is analyzed and calculated.
(5) According to the wave theory of light, the light and dark rings are caused by a phenomenon called interference.
(6) Based on the wave theory, some regularities and influence factors of the reflection wave in pile foundation are researched.
(7) The successful rise of the wave theory of light for the first time made a breach in Newton's physics.
(8) According to coupled wave theory[], the volume hologram has a good property for light filtering and can be used as a kind of narrow-band filter.
(9) Two ways of analyzing optical waveguide that are wave theory and optical ray theory are formulated.
(10) The analysis of modulation wave theory has very important theoretical and actual meaning for studying non sine alternating current.
(11) The solitary wave theory of the weakly nonlinear, non-axisymmetric disturbances is used to model the spiral vortex breakdown.
(12) Based on the wave theory, finite element theory and combustion of combustion pressure oscillation in D.
(13) According wave theory and the geological condition, Huimin Depression was divided into four wave units.
(14) Do you agree to the wave theory of light?
(15) You also learned the law measuring city of wave theory, Jiang En, muddleheaded academic and so on.
(16) A spin wave theory of nematic liquid crystals was proposed in this paper.
(17) Structures, cutting mechanism and stress wave theory of the tunneller a re presented and analyzed.
(18) Wave theory fails to fit the facts.
(19) The principle of superposition is the basis of the wave theory of light.
(20) Maxwell's Theory of Electromagnetism, Light as an Electromagnetic Phenomenon[Sentencedict], and the Triumph of the Wave Theory of Light.
(21) A new model for shallow wave simulation was proposed based on small amplitude wave theory.
(22) Meantime, the diffraction efficiency of the BSG is discussed based on rigorous coupled - wave theory.
(23) But he was the first scientist in the history of natural science who unified the particle theory and the wave theory of light.
(24) Accompanied by the rising of high - speed ship, the typical linear wave theory gets new application.
(25) The diffraction phenomena by a circular aperture or a phase plate is analyzed by the boundary diffraction wave theory, the analytic expression of its axial intensity is obtained.
(26) These results are compared with those of the spin wave theory for low temperatures.
(27) A new model for shallow ocean wave simulation was proposed based on small amplitude wave theory.
(28) In the beginning people accepted particle theory, but after Thomas Young's experiment7 and Augustin Jean Fresnel's experiment8, people accepted the wave theory.
(29) In the nineteenth century, this was taken as confirming the wave theory of light and showing that the particle theory was wrong.
(30) The field dlstributions in open resonators are studied by means of Gaussianbeam - wave theory.
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