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Watchmaker in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-11-04Updated:2017-11-04
Similar words: matchmakerwatchmakingwatchmanmatchmakingnight watchmansketch mapepoch-makingcatchmentMeaning: n. someone who makes or repairs watches. random good picture
1. The watchmaker has a work - room at the back of his shop.
2. The theory of the blind watchmaker is extremely powerful given that we are allowed to assume replication and hence cumulative selection.
3. The watchmaker of my title is borrowed from a famous treatise by the eighteenth-century theologian William Paley.
4. The watchmaker is busy wiring cities for its pager network, and Arizona is on its agenda.
5. The watchmaker confirmed he'd been with him at two.
6. Each watchmaker engraves his or her personal initials on the underside of the Tourbillon base to assure that all parts can be returned to their maker after they have been galvanized.
7. OMEGA is the only watchmaker ever to have created a central Tourbillon.
8. The engraving, by watchmaker Jonathan Dillon, is dated April 13, 1861, and reads in part: "Fort Sumpter was attacked by the rebels" and "thank God we have a government."
9. When the Civil War started, a watchmaker was repairing Lincoln's watch. He engraved some words on it, which read in part: "Fort Sumpter was attacked by the rebels" and "thank God we have a government.
10. In 1796 the Swiss watchmaker Antoine Favre takes out the patent on "the carillon without bells or hammers".
11. For Swiss luxury watchmaker Piaget, the shop at Wynn Macau is its most successful world-wide, said Ms. Switzer.
12. The partnership between famous swiss watchmaker Jaeger LeCoultre and luxury car brand Aston Martin started in 1920's, since Aston Martin cars were equipped with Jaeger Speedometers.
13. I was Born of a watchmaker in London.
14. The watchmaker is near - sighted.
15. Berthoud, however, before coming to London, had been in correspondence, watchmaker to watchmaker, with Thomas Mudge.
16. Some people see this as a fundamental flaw in the whole theory of the blind watchmaker.
16. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
17. Some smashing clips were sabotaged by the usual sloppy Watchmaker research.
18. I had good solid francs in my pocket, and what did the watchmaker have?
19. Harold summoned the group, secure in his belief that a watchmaker can be no serious rival for Esther.
20. He spent some time in the Navy, worked in light engineering and is a watchmaker to trade.
21. When a Central Tourbillon is returned to OMEGA for servicing, it will be placed in the hands of the original watchmaker.
22. The men who make it are craftsmen: the millwright, the watchmaker, the canal builder, and the blacksmith.
23. The men who make it are craftsmen: the millwright, the watchmaker , the canal builder, the blacksmith.
24. The project is financed by companies including the Belgian chemicals and pharmaceuticals producer Solvay, the watchmaker Omega, and Deutsche Bank.
25. Unlike products from conventional workshops, each Tourbillon is the work of one watchmaker who spends up to 540 hours on the creation of the skeletonized version of the watch.
26. To make a skeletonized version of the Central Tourbillon, the watchmaker begins by sawing away any non-essential material from the plates and bridges, then bevelling their edges.
27. Evolution was a machine without a designer, a watch made by a blind watchmaker.
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