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Washed-up in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2018-04-16Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: ashedwashedcashedgasheddashedslashedsmashedunwashedMeaning: adj. doomed to extinction. 
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1. This talented, if washed-up musician wasn't harbouring Rose - though he might know of her whereabouts.
2. Hoffman plays a washed-up news reporter who just happens to find himself in the museum when the action goes down.
3. There's a new circuit for washed-up U. S. stars.
4. Washed-up band,( crappy so-called art gallery.
5. Shaped like a vast piece of driftwood, washed-up on the shore, the rusted metal shell undulates in sections, like rings of wood that have been smoothed by the sea.
6. Opinion, don't give him a severe look is washed-up.
7. A washed-up wrestler looks for redemption in the eyes of his daughter, love with a stripper and validation in his sport.
8. Rourke's performance as a washed-up professional athlete trying to make a comeback closely mirrors his own career.
9. Arrive naturally washed-up, the gladdest go up particularly easily namely makeup.
10. I am not washed-up.
11. The tragedy of being a dancer is that you're all washed-up by the time you're thirty-five.
12. Manville knew then that Hayman had been right in writing him off as a washed-up veteran.
13. Further along the shore a few beachcombers were bunkered down, husking washed-up coconuts for copra; others collected shellfish.
14. Hayman had implicit trust in his hit-men, especially against some one he regarded as an old, rusty, washed-up veteran.
15. And Robert De Niro's commitment to transforming himself into this fat, washed-up boxer was amazing.
16. And the income that increases a farmer again the method of follow tradition goes developing agriculture production and town enterprise are already washed-up, must want to have new thinking.
17. One of his seminal articles in this period was published in a book in honor of Mises — that supposedly washed-up old man who just so happened to have a penchant for speaking truth to power.
18. You will think: "I suck, I'm such a failure. I'm washed-up."
19. I called, and found out that Big Tony was a washed-up ex-con, afraid of crowds and taking pills the size of pen caps to stave off drug-induced schizophrenic episodes.
20. Why be pregnant 5 months, still spitting ceaseless , just left hospital some time ago, did not pass a few days washed-up, the problem that is intestines and stomach?
21. This feat gives the lie to the picture, common in America and Asia, of Europe as a washed-up continent incapable of change.
22. Approached look, original, her hands have been jelly of blue, purple, sometimes, really cold in hand blow washed-up, gas, the warm.
23. I bathed in a river and for toothpaste I used washed-up cuttlefish bone with wild fennel seeds, an oddity for a vegan.
24. Now, these good businesses have the child that is cry piteously for food more very actually, if be unable to get something to eat of this paragraph of time is suckled, good child is washed-up also.
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