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Walk around in a sentence

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Sentence count:94+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-06-05Updated:2017-06-05
Similar words: look aroundaroundgo aroundget aroundall aroundrunaroundsit aroundrun aroundMeaning: v. 1. walk with no particular goal 2. walk around something 3. behave in a certain manner or have certain properties 4. walk randomly. random good picture
1. We took a brief walk around the old quarter.
2. I went out and had a walk around.
3. Don't walk around outside in your bare feet.
4. She likes to walk around in bare feet .
5. James took his habitual morning walk around the garden.
6. She used to walk around with her nose in the air.
7. I managed to walk around unchallenged for 10 minutes before an alert nurse spotted me.
8. He went for/took a walk around the block,[sentencedict .com] to get some air.
9. We went for a walk around the hospital grounds.
10. I had a little walk around to calm my nerves.
11. I took a walk around the block.
12. I dropped a glass earlier, so don't walk around in bare feet .
13. She took the dog for a walk around the block.
14. All I've done since seems to be walk around and knock on doors.
15. Even though I only have to walk around the dancers,( he's taking no chances.
16. He complained that it reduced his ability to walk around which was already somewhat restricted by arthritis.
17. He warned of the dangers of liking to walk around in flowing robes.
18. Assignments 1 Walk around your local shopping area and choose six shops.
19. She takes a Slow walk around the block each evening or lingers in the hallway.
20. All of you - walk around Pentonville and keep your ears open.
21. She loved watching him walk around the kitchen in his jeans and sweatshirt.
22. Use pleasant eye contact, walk around the room, stand next to the student who is most likely to be noisy.
23. Customers pick up a basket and walk around the store, selecting the goods they require.
24. Next was a gentle walk around the wooded peninsula to take a closer look at Osa Fjord.
25. Still, although your paws are covered with sweat glands, you might like to walk around on the damp grass first.
26. You should make a cup of tea in one break, take a short walk around the block in another.
27. Not only did he have the cops, but he would deputize certain Union members to walk around the hall with guns.
28. There was no foreman to watch over him and he could please himself when he made his walk around the yard.
29. It has excellent graphics and flight simulation, you can even leave the plane and walk around it if you wish.
30. I choose to believe he was merely a slob rather than inefficient enough to walk around with bloodstains from his last victim.
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