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Waiting time in a sentence

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Sentence count:54Posted:2018-01-04Updated:2018-01-04
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1. The waiting time has been shortened dramatically from eight weeks to just one week.
2. Jo Robinson began by humanizing the waiting time at the health centre with tea-making and toys for children.
3. They were also asked how much total waiting time elapsed between triage and departure from the emergency room.
4. Waiting time is reduce for patients and the drop-in system allows flexibility and encourages independence, maximising normality.
5. The film is self-developing and the waiting time is nil.
6. Some means of escaping the waiting time of boredom and temporary unemployment.
7. This waiting time will in most cases select out those children whose effusions are short lived.
8. Waiting time by specialty is meaningless as it conceals a wide variation among consultants' clinics.
9. And as the waiting time to download from the Internet attests, electronic packets on telephone networks are still rivalrous and can lead to congestion effects.
10. Play instantly. No waiting time required. Tech support.
11. During the waiting time, 14 patients experienced minimal change, which did not fulfill the definition of tumor progression according to official oncological criteria.
12. Then I can spend my waiting time in sightseeing there.
13. She was trying to shorten the waiting time at his dentist's by reading a magazine.
14. Play instantly. No waiting time required. Stop occasionally on slow line Tech support.
15. The electronic shopping system can reduce the settlement waiting time of customers during paying.
16. Through the priority queuing theory, the average waiting time, the average length of stay and the interrupted probability of low priority customer service are deduced and calculated.
17. To reduce the waiting time of car owners vehiclestation began to accept online reservations.
18. Although buses are supposed to run every fifteen minutes, the actual waiting time can be up to an hour.
19. Every extra mile is charged at about 10 pence, and there is a 30 pence an hour waiting time.
20. Patients were more likely to estimate accurately the total waiting time than the time waiting to see a doctor.
21. Another employee group studied problems in solid waste, where waiting time at the Energy Recovery Plant was delaying drivers every afternoon.
22. The travel time intransit network includes in - vehicle travel time, waiting time, transfer time and transfer penalty.
22. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
23. It features adjustable refrigerating amount, small start surge current and short waiting time for continuous start.
24. The travel time in the transit network includes in-vehicle travel time, waiting time, transfer time and transfer penalty.
25. Using quasi birth and death chain, we obtain the distribution of the number of customers in the system and the waiting time of a customer and the loss probability in the stationary state.
26. The algorithm calculated packet loss rate according to the average queue length and waiting time.
27. Under the wireless communication network environment, based on the average queue length and waiting time, an improved Random Early Detection (RED) algorithm is proposed.
28. Furthermore, we get distributions of the average number of customers in the system and loss probability and the PDF of the waiting time in the stationary state.
29. When cars run to the crossroad, controlled by the traffic light, which engenders waiting time.
30. In other words, the competition weakened the research and development investment waiting time power value.
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