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Vulgarization in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2019-02-07Updated:2019-02-07
Similar words: vulgarizenotarizationpolarizationvulgarissummarizationvulgarianvulgarismvulgarityMeaning: n. 1. the act of rendering something coarse and unrefined 2. the act of making something attractive to the general public. 
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(1) With the decline of ostentation, or its vulgarization, wealth and hence inequality were no longer flagrantly advertised.
(2) The political significance of the vulgarization of high culture is exemplified in the more complicated case of Andy Warhol.
(3) Vulgarization, oversimplification and absolution should be avoided by all means when Principles guiding party are named after the name of their leading founders.
(4) The graffiti are a kind of vulgarization of civilization.
(5) Under market economy terms, the vulgarization of Chinese TV has been developing constantly following its commercialization during recent years.
(6) The vulgarization of political science is intermingled with the forfeit of its civic education function.
(7) Thegovernance of the vulgarization of TV programs is a systematic engineering.
(8) It's still vulgarization of civilization.
(9) They are against TV vulgarization.
(10) If so, the university will be able to get away from the endless satisfaction to the demand of the society, which may cause its vulgarization.
(11) So, it is unavoidable to appear the production of art(, the vulgarization of spirit.
(12) Network literature is in instantly, the material gain that is brought inevitably by market economy is changed, vulgarization place erodes fawn on.
(13) Too superstitious to them what will bring about the low vulgarization of culture and speech is graceless change.
(14) In a commercial age, movie and TV entertainments, as one form of mass media, its vulgarization has led to the gradual loss of its social function.
(15) They do it as a kind of expression of their feelings, of their love, or even maybe the love for their life in New York, for all to see. It may be vulgarization.
(16) Furthermore, the impact of the computer technology and network economy and the vulgarization of the consumer culture and mass aesthetics have put an end to the splendor of engraving works.
(17) To develop biographical literature, to return to the tradition a nd to get rid of the creation crisis, the harmful trends of commercialization and vulgarization should be eliminated.
(18) Maybe this is a famous art critic of the vulgarization of the political and commercial bar.
(19) From Southern Song, on, there was growing a tendency of vulgarization of classic Chinese literature, such as the rapid rise of the theoretical art and the fiction.
(20) Part three discusses the comedic style of Lodge's novels through the carnival humorous irony, the vulgarization of elegance and coincidence.
(21) It can be seen that, "no more seriousness" signs the attack of the vulgarization in the linked degree of the cultural value of modernity.
(22) The inn poems in the Tang Dynasty is characterized by their outstanding vulgarization, which is a good window observing the vulgarization of the poems in the Tang Dynasty.
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