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Volition in a sentence

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Synonym: willwillingSimilar words: coalitionlitigationpoliticpoliticspoliticalpoliticallypoliticianpolitical partyMeaning: [vəʊ'lɪʃn /və-] n. 1. the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention 2. the act of making a choice. random good picture
(1) They left entirely of their own volition .
(2) She left entirely of her own volition.
(3) Helena left the company of her own volition.
(4) What is needed is knowledge and volition.
(5) Either you go down there of your own volition or I strangle you with my two bare hands.
(6) The court does not, of its own volition, enquire into the merits of the case.
(7) Deena left the company of her own volition.
(8) But not of his own volition.
(9) Such cloudy weather can wear people's volition.
(10) He felt little volition and surprisingly little bitterness.
(11) Mr. A left this department of his own volition for personal reasons.
(12) The content of people's volition must not be made subject to the arbitrary power of another.
(13) She offered to help us of her own volition.
(14) Both sides admit that a volition, for instance, had occurred.
(15) We like to think that everything we do and everything we think is a product of our volition.
(16) Makin said Mr Coombes had gone to the police of his own volition.
(17) This action continues quite mechanically all the time, and entirely without our conscious choice or volition.
(18) One gentleman has fled the country of his own volition, using yet another identity.
(19) There are tales of clanking chains and doors which open and close of their own volition.
(20) Very well; sometimes society changes for the good purely of its own volition.
(21) Changing the patterns of our social performance can only take place from within our own selves, and through our own volition.
(22) Of course the three are not equally important but in exemplars one could expect all three to be important sources of volition.
(23) In the end Frank and I met of our own volition.
(24) Note that it is not possible to apply for a family assistance order; the court must act of its own volition.
(25) It is something which must come essentially from ourselves, as a result of our own conscious volition.
(26) Sin could be repented of by an act of volition; failure could not be disposed of so easily.
(27) He felt as though he were in the grip of Fate and had no volition of his own.
(28) And active delegate is different: What they accept is official commission, acting is official volition.
(29) This Court considers that Judge Wong did not err in ruling that the applicant did confess to the police of his own volition.
(30) Chuang-tzu seeks for the liberty of soul, which differs from westerners' seeking after the liberty of personal volition.
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