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Void in a sentence

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Synonym: availablebarebarrenblankdeserteddesolateemptyinvalidopenunoccupiedvacantSimilar words: avoiddevoidavoidableavoidancevoicetrapezoidMeaning: [vɔɪd] n. 1. the state of nonexistence 2. an empty area or space. v. 1. declare invalid 2. clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place or receptacle) of something 3. take away the legal force of or render ineffective 4. excrete or discharge from the body. adj. 1. lacking any legal or binding force 2. containing nothing. random good picture
1. Their actions rendered the contract null and void.
2. His wife's death left a painful void in his life.
3. His death has left a void in the cricketing world which can never be filled.
4. This contract is null and void.
5. Running the business helped to fill the void after his wife died.
6. The election was declared null and void.
7. Suddenly the street was void of people.
8. He rose, his face void of emotion as he walked towards the door.
9. She sat staring into the void, emptying her mind of all thoughts.
10. The void left by his mother's death was never filled.
11. The original elections were declared void by the former military ruler.
12. Her face was void of all interest.
13. The amusement park will fill a void in this town, which has little entertainment for children.
14. Below him was nothing but a black void.
15. The office fell void.
16. Her eyes were void of all expression.
17. The contract was declared null and void.
18. The lawyers declared the contract void.
19. Forever cannot fill up void.
20. She looked over the cliff into the void.
21. Before Einstein, space was regarded as a formless void.
22. They declared the agreement null and void.
23. The agreement will be considered null and void.
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24. He stared into the dark void where the battle had been fought.
25. The change in the law makes the previous agreement null and void.
26. It seemed that nothing could fill the aching black void left by Rachel's death.
27. She stood at the edge of the chasm and stared into the void.
28. The court ruled that the claim was null and void.
29. They tried to describe their attempts to fill the void left by their son's death.
30. A spokeswoman said the agreement had been declared null and void.
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