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Vocal cord in a sentence

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Sentence count:53Posted:2018-05-15Updated:2018-05-15
Similar words: vocal cordsumbilical cordspinal cordpolitical correctnessvocalvocallyvocaliseunivocalMeaning: n. either of two pairs of folds of mucous membrane projecting into the larynx. 
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1. There was a soft nodule on my vocal cord.
2. As air passes over our vocal cords, it makes them vibrate.
3. No vibration is caused by the vocal cords because they are not being put into action.
4. When sounds are unvoiced, the vocal cords are relaxed to allow the air a completely free passage.
5. In addition to the ordinary vocal cords, the cat possesses a second pair of structures called vestibular folds, or false vocal cords.
6. Not surprising in that it no longer possessed vocal cords.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. Here are the rival theories: The false vocal cord theory sees purring originating in the cat's voice-box, or larynx.
8. Those corn-rows are murder on the vocal cords.
9. The false vocal cord theory is the most obvious and the simplest.
10. Objective To explore the therapeutic effect of vocal cord polyp or nodule operation by intralaryngeal microinvasive television fibrolaryngoscopy.
11. Conclusions:Holmium laser in the treatment of vocal cord cancer is simple, minimal trauma, less bleeding, its operative field is very clear.
12. Those dogs were debarked by removal of the true vocal cords.
13. Yelling for help for a week must be enough to knacker anybody's vocal cords.
14. He can move his head and hands and talk through a voice box fitted over his vocal cords.
15. With an effort, she made them part, and then her vocal cords let her down by refusing to work.
16. It explains the otherwise puzzling presence of the second, or false, pair of vocal cords.
17. It was suggested that the injury of laryngeal nerve should be considered to be the cause of vocal cord immobility following endotracheal intubation besides cricoarytenoid joint dislocation.
18. Conclusion: The Diomed - 25 laser was proved valuble in treating patients with vocal cord leukoplakia.
19. Objective: To identify the sonographic normal values and influencing factor of human vocal cord and false vocal cord and to confirm the value of high-frequency ultrasound applying to the larynx.
20. As they are vocal organs,( the generation of sound begins from the close of vocal cord.
21. Conclusion: The infraglottic space invasion of supraglottic carcinoma is closely correlated with vocal cord movement and lymph node metastasis, and it may affect the choice of operation method.
22. Objective : To observe the effect of Diomed 25 laser in treatment of early vocal cord carcinoma.
23. Objective To find a way of reserving nomal high quality phonatory function after vocal cord surgery.
24. In order to find a new method to treat paralyzed vocal cord, accessory sternocleidomastoid neuromuscular pedicle flap embeded in denervated posterior cricoarytenoid muscle was studied in dogs.
25. Objective To make an assessment of the reconstruction of dogs vocal cord after cordectomy in experimental study.
26. Objective Report the TV watching fiber laryngoscope operation on the vocal cord polypi, introduce the curative effect of the excision.
27. Objective : To explore the effect of Diomed - 25 semi - conductive laser in treatment of vocal cord leukoplakia.
28. Objective:To observe the appliance value of uni-pedicled sternohyoid myofascial flap in the reconstruction of vocal cord after partial laryngectomy .
29. Objective To explore a new surgical approach for treating unilateral vocal cord paralysis.
30. Conclusion Respules exert good effects in treating chronic pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, post-polypectomy of vocal cord and after removal of bronchial foreign body.
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