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Vivid in a sentence

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Synonym: brightbrilliantclearcolorfuldazzlingdistinctflamboyantglaringrichsplendidstrongAntonym: dullSimilar words: conviviallividdivideundividedindividualsurvivorsurvivalvivaciousMeaning: ['vɪvɪd] adj. 1. evoking lifelike images within the mind 2. having the clarity and freshness of immediate experience 3. having striking color 4. (of color) having the highest saturation. random good picture
1. Imagination is sometimes more vivid than reality. 
2. He gave a very vivid and often shocking account/description of his time in prison.
3. Overcooked greens are my most vivid recollection of school dinners.
4. The scientist used vivid examples in illustration of his theory.
5. The scene is still vivid in my memory.
6. Clare was the most vivid member of the family.
7. Antonia is a woman with a vivid imagination.
8. The changing vivid colours of the sunset are really fascinating.
9. I had a vivid dream about my old school.
10. The changing vivid colours of the sunset fascinated the eye.
11. He gave a vivid account of his life as a fighter pilot.
12. Pat has vivid recol-lections of the trip.
13. Her dress was a vivid colour.
14. I've got vivid memories of that summer.
15. On Wednesday night I had a very vivid dream which really upset me.
16. Children often have very vivid imaginations .
17. The report paints a vivid picture of life in the city.
18. His novel is a vivid portrayal of life in a mining community.
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19. Her latest novel paints a very vivid portrait of the aristocracy in the 1920s.
20. I have a very vivid picture of the first time I met Erik.
21. The poetry was bespangled with vivid imagery.
22. I have a vivid recollection of that old house.
23. He had a vivid picture of her in his mind.
24. The scientist cited vivid instances in illustration of his theory.
25. A vivid picture is present to our eye.
26. My most vivid memory is not the accident itself but being in the ambulance.
27. The incident left a vivid impression on me.
28. In her latest novel she paints a vivid picture of life in Victorian England.
29. People of my generation who lived through World War II have vivid memories of confusion and incompetence.
30. The painter brushed over the canvas to bring out a more vivid effect.
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