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Villain in a sentence

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Synonym: devilknaverascalroguescampscoundrelAntonym: defeatheroSimilar words: villageexplaincomplaintpillageplaintiffoscillatevacillatecapillaryMeaning: ['vɪlən] n. 1. a wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately 2. the principle bad character in a film or work of fiction. random good picture
1, A man may smile and smile and be villain
2, He was financially involved with a villain.
3, He wore a black cloak, like a pantomime villain.
4, Frank ran dodgy errands for a seedy local villain.
5, Get off my bike, you little villain!
6, He was often cast as the villain.
7, The king is represented as a villain in the play.
8, It's hard to identify the real villain of the piece in this case.
9, The villain made no scruple of committing murder.
10, A faulty fuse was the villain of the piece.
11, He was cast as the villain.
12, He's either a hero or a villain[], depending on your point of view.
13, She seems to have cast me as the villain in her latest emotional upheaval.
14, The police still haven't nailed the villain.
15, I like films where the villain comes to a sticky end!
16, The villain of the novel is polished off in the last chapter but one.
17, He always gets typecast as the villain.
18, He was typed as villain in the theater.
19, My first part was Captain O'Hagarty,[] a dastardly villain in a children's play.
20, He often plays the part of the villain.
21, He drew his sword and ran the villain through.
22, He is a villain of the deepest dye.
23, He is a villain,but he has some virture.
24, Some people believe that Richard III did not murder his nephews and was not the villain he is generally thought to have been.
25, When the minister was forced to resign, the press was generally seen as the villain of the piece.
26, Clarke's trying to cast me in the role of villain here.
27, At the end of the film, the hero beat the living daylights out of the villain.
28, We've always been told that cholesterol, in foods like eggs, was a major cause of heart disease but, actually, saturated fat is the worst villain.
29, Readers are left to judge for themselves whether McCrombie is hero or villain.
30, He changed his story to make his wife appear the villain of the piece.
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