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Vigour in a sentence

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Sentence count:147+9 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-17Updated:2017-02-17
Synonym: dynamismenergyheartinessmuscularityvigorvimzipSimilar words: dig outvigorousvigorouslygo upvigilring outhangouthang outMeaning: n. 1. forceful exertion 2. active strength of body or mind 3. an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing). random good picture
1 Deliberate before you begin, then execute with vigour
2 They set about their work with youthful vigour and enthusiasm.
3 She has the vigour and radiance of someone young enough to be her grand-daughter.
4 A brief rest restored the traveller's vigour.
5 His health and vigour were unimpaired by a stroke.
6 She was full of vim and vigour .
7 She does her work with tremendous vigour.
8 These young people are full of vigour,( but fail in carefulness.
9 At 87, Minna's still full of vim and vigour.
10 A brief rest restored the traveler's vigour.
11 He began working with renewed vigour .
12 Martin attacked his meal with vigour.
13 His body lacks the bounce and vigour of a normal two-year-old.
14 His book is written with considerable vigour.
15 A succinct style lends vigour to writing.
16 She was a wonderful, bubbly girl, full of vigour.
17 He worked with renewed vigour and determination.
18 This law is still in vigour.
19 He bounded up the step with vigour.
20 He hardened with youthful vigour after three years' army life.
21 She attacked both political parties with equal vigour.
22 He returned to work with a sense of renewed vigour after his holiday.
23 The government gave assurances that the enquiry would be pursued with vigour.
24 At 40, he was in his prime and full of vigour.
25 He set to his task with renewed vim and vigour.
26 It was a peculiar exchange to take place between men in full vigour, aged forty and forty-four respectively.
27 They were warm under the sun and full of vigour hardly drained in the short battle and soon flooding back.
28 She began to wipe the tops down with unnecessary vigour, muttering crossly when water splashed on her dress.
29 Lewis is looking for a catalyst to recapture some of its original vigour and purpose.
30 Holidays make it possible for you to return to your normal routine with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.
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