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Verdigris in a sentence

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Sentence count:11Posted:2017-06-13Updated:2017-06-13
Synonym: cupric acetateSimilar words: tardigradeverdictdigresspedigreepedigreeddigressivedigressionper diemMeaning: ['vɜrdɪgrɪs /'vɜː-] n. 1. a blue or green powder used as a paint pigment 2. a green patina that forms on copper or brass or bronze that has been exposed to the air or water for long periods of time. v. color verdigris. 
1. His pockets are full of red lead and verdigris.
2. Many displayed the malign green of corruption, the verdigris of spiritual gangrene.
3. The bacterium infection strain first place is the verdigris pseudomonad (31.2%), next is pneumonia gram Reber fungus (25.6%) and the epidermis staphylococcus (18.4%).
4. Encrusted with verdigris, two statues of the "liver bird", the city's symbol, sit atop a riverside building.
5. Verdigris has spread all over that abandoned copper pot.
6. One recipe to strengthen teeth includes green lead, verdigris, incense, honey and powdered flintstone.
7. The latter needed a polish, having become tarnished and covered with verdigris.
8. The brass bowl shows its age with a deep green verdigris with mottled surfaces and there are numerous small age checks in the glazing putty.
9. Henceforth, it is apt at all roles, it is made suspicious by the counterfeiter, covered with verdigris by the forger, blacked by the soot of the incendiary; and the murderer applies its rouge.
9. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
10. The latter has neither hens nor chicks, and only thinks of himself and perspires verdigris.
11. Yet the alchemists had their triumphs, inventing brilliant new pigments, perfecting the old — red lead oxide, yellow arsenic sulfide, a little copper and vinegar and you've got bright green verdigris.
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