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Valency in a sentence

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Similar words: equivalencyvalenceprevalenceequivalenceambivalencevalence numbervalence electronequivalence pointMeaning: n. 1. the phenomenon of forming chemical bonds 2. (biology) a relative capacity to unite or react or interact as with antigens or a biological substrate 3. (chemistry) a property of atoms or radicals; their combining power given in terms of the number of hydrogen atoms (or the equivalent). random good picture
1. Table 4.22 gives examples of how valencies can be used to find the formulae of simple compounds.
2. The valency of an atom in a covalent molecule is the number of electrons shared by the atom in forming the bond.
3. Inert gases such as helium have zero valencies. they do not normally form compounds.
4. Valencies sometimes have the same numerical values as oxidation numbers - but not always.
5. Carbon has a valency of 4.
6. Valency felt she had gotten over her problems.
6. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
7. The induced charge is equal to the average valency of the species occupying the cation sublattice.
8. The antibiotic activity and valency connect with transfer efficiency and dissociation constant.
9. To establish the valency of Chinese verbs needs to combine the cognitive frame with syntactic fr am e. These two frames are mutual influenced and restricted.
10. The valency of Chinese verbs is a syntactic category with a powerful ba se of semantic meaning. It also has a thorough cognitive cause.
11. The semantic and syntactic notions of valency need not coincide.
12. History is an important way of understanding the valency of certain kinds of utterance at certain times.
13. Except for the transitional elements, valency electrons are in the outermost electron shell.
14. Some teaching strategies are proposed to hold back valency errors in the process of learning Chinese.
15. Because the absolute valency is low, after coming to a stop 5 Yuan, has the big rise space,( may pay attention to buying.
16. In organic chemistry it is thus more convenient to describe carbon in terms of its valency than its oxidation numbers.
17. This paper tries to account for some of the mistakes by employing valency and the notion of semantic roles.
18. They use "idealized cognitive models" to assign the case role, then draw the valency in the idealized and static sentence.
19. The macrostructure, the composition of the crystal phase, the surface ion valency and concentration of the catalysts were investigated by BET, XRD and XPS techniques.
20. This paper is intended to explore the semantic characteristics valency features of sentences with locative subjects.
21. OBJECTIVE:To study the pharmacokinetics and relative bioavailability of ibuprofen sustained release capsules in healthy volunteers for evaluating the bioequi valency .
22. The article reviewed the research of the production and refining of aluminum by formation and disproportion of lower valency compound of aluminum.
23. Furthermore, as opposed to its corresponding normal counterpart, the sentence with the locative subject receives an additional valency element, which in turn makes the monovalent verb bivalent.
24. The idea was suggested by the chemical theory of valency in which one is used to the idea of electrons in an atom forming closed shells which do not contribute at all to the valency.
25. For a certain lexical item, its argument structure or valency structure determines its syntactic structure.
26. The results show that the assembling structures greatly depend on the concentration and valency of cations, rather than their types or ionic radii.
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