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Vacuole in a sentence

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Similar words: vacuousvacuumevacuateevacuationinnocuousconspicuouspromiscuousvacantMeaning: n. a tiny cavity filled with fluid in the cytoplasm of a cell. 
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1, The contractile vacuole expands and eventually discharges the water it contains to the exterior through the cell membrane.
2, A vacuole is surrounded by a thin layer of cytoplasm which acts as a semi-permeable membrane.
3, Plant cells contain liquid in spaces called vacuoles.
4, The microspore lacks a large central vacuole.
5, The central vacuole began to disappear, and cytoplasm with abundant organelle accumulated starch in some of microspores having embryogenic ability on transfer to culture.
6, Tonoplast The membrane that surrounds the large central vacuole of plant cells.
7, Vesicle A small vacuole of variable origin and shape.
8, Objective: A new method is introduced to extract vacuole nucleus in the lymphoma pathologic image automatically.
9, During the development of nectariferous tissue, both the vacuole and starch grains changed regularly.
10, In the meantime, restore and connect broken vacuole nucleuses with approximately nearest connection algorithm.
11, Carcinous bronchiologram, vacuole and nodule sign were major internal features.
12, The liquid contents of a plant cell vacuole.
13, The cytoplasmic membrane that surrounds a vacuole of a plant cell.
14, Single contractile vacuole situated near ventral wall of infundibulum. 28-33 pellicular striations from peristome to aboral trochal band and 5-8 from aboral trochal band to scopula.
15, Vacuole degeneration was found in epithelium cells and brush border of lumen surface fell off and reduced with pyknotic nucleus in proximal convoluted tubules of arsenism rats.
16, Copious tryptase was temporarily stored in secretory vacuole,[] and small amounts of tryptase was released from secretory vacuole for depolymerize of F-actin ring in cell.
17, Single contractile vacuole located ventrally in anterior 1/4 of body.
18, Freezing is further inhibited when the cell sap is divided into several vacuoles rather than a single large one.
19, To counter this, water is secreted into a contractile vacuole as fast as it enters the amoeba.
20, Plant cells contain salt solutions in spaces known as vacuoles.
21, Another drug might incapacitate the mechanisms the bacteria use to divert lipids from the host cell to the chlamydial vacuole, halting the trespassers' ability to hide.
22, On images of 23 peripheral lung cancer, the lesions presented lobulated sign(18), spiculated sign(14), pleural indentation(13), vessel convergence(12), and air bronchogram and vacuole sign(4).
23, Calcium precipitates decreased sharply and might dissolve in the large vacuole.
24, The meristematic cells of leaf primordium and the young leaf cells contain polymorphous protein bodies which are generally located in the internal side of vacuole membrane.
25, The result showed: there were obvious course of potassium re distribution among vein, mesophyll and vacuole, mitochondrion, chloroplast under water stress.
26, Use a fuzzy classification with dynamic size feature windows to recognize and extract vacuole nucleus.
27, Performance for island of langerhans around lymphocyte and uninuclear cell infiltration, moreover may display to thrust out the island atrophy and the cell vacuole denaturation.
28, The tapetum of P. hortorum belongs to periplasmodial tapetum. The invasion into the locule occurs when microspore form large vacuole in its cytoplasm.
29, Results: MHT can accelerate the diaphoretic function both on axillary and plantar sweat gland in rats, incidence of vacuole of axillary sweat gland is higher than that of plantar sweat gland.
30, After microspore mitosis, bicellular pollen contained a large vegetative cell and a small generative cell, and then the big vacuole disappeared.
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