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Utility function in a sentence

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1. The situation is simplified if the utility function is homothetic, and that assumption is made in what follows.
2. Let the upper tier utility function be Cobb-Douglas.
3. Exercise 10-1 Suppose that everyone has a utility function, where T i denotes taxes paid.
4. The above utility function also has the property of diminishing marginal utility for each commodity.
5. A scheduling algorithm based on the two dimensional utility function is proposed to guarantee the packet drop ratio and play-out outage ratio of streaming application in the mixed service scenario.
6. Usually the utility function will show diminishing marginal utility: As more and more of a good is consumed, the consumer obtains smaller and smaller increments to utility.
7. Secondly, a utility function based adaptive channel allocation scheme is proposed and the corresponding mathematical model is established.
8. On the basis of the two sides utility function a first best payment system has been provided to eliminate moral hazard and self-selection from hospital by game theory.
9. That is the recursive utility function which we will discuss in this paper.
10. The existence theorem of expected utility function was the most important conclusion in expected utility theory.
11. Introducing pollution with disutility to utility function in a stochastic economic growth rate and pollution level by using stochastic optimization method.
12. Introducing pollution with disutility to utility function in a stochastic economic growth stochastic optimization method.
13. The exponential utility function and elimination and choice translation algorithm ( ELECTRE ) are introduced into the study.
14. Keywords: routing, rescue traffic, disruption risk, efficiency evaluation, utility function.
15. The utility function is an effective tool in decision making analysis to describe the consequence.
16. At last , using utility function to find a method to combine and financing open - end fund.
17. A utility function - based resource allocation arithmetic was presented.
18. But as recipes for body-building, they have a distinct Utility Function.
19. What happens when upper tier preferences can not be represented by a Cobb-Douglas utility function?
20. Tastes for variety are assumed to be of the S-D-S form, and the upper tier utility function is Cobb-Douglas.
21. Finally, the products having maximum similarity to the demands of customers acquired using the utility function.
22. Pareto improvement is processing when education subsidy enters the utility function as a variable.
23. Also pilot studies are carried out on some variables in the model including character variable, decision variable, probability of the sequent occurring and utility function.
24. An interactive linear fractional programming algorithm is presented to solve multiple attribute decision problems based on the assumption that the decision-maker has a linear utility function.
25. A particular futures contract can have different values with respect to hedging effectiveness, depending on which measure is used and on the hedger utility function. function.html
26. This paper presents a computational grid resource allocation policy based on utility function optimization, which will apply utility functions and bid functions to allocate grid resources rationally.
27. On the basis of the introduction of this more general utility function, we collected the relevant empirical data and made some analysis about the characteristics of our investors.
28. On the basis of Social Economic Engine Model (SEEM), this paper proposes the utility function of economic unit regarding to the speed of economic increase and surplus first.
29. For policy game with incomplete information, influencing stock market could be the optimal strategy for the Government, as investors could not accurately predict the Government's utility function.
30. For the expert preference, it is evaluated by the utility function.
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