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User-defined in a sentence

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1 If user-defined characters are to be mixed with standard characters, they should follow this convention.
2 We all know about type checking, separate compilation, user-defined types (classes today), and abstraction.
3 More than one user-defined conversion routine was found.
4 save var and save func save user-defined variables and functions, respectively.
5 To generate data for a user-defined type column with a unique constraint, you must use the data bound generator or a custom data generator.
6 SubTask is a user-defined class that defines a data- or functionally-independent portion of the main task.
7 Enter the two sparse matrices can be realized, user-defined selection matrix multiplication mode and display the multiplication result.
8 User-defined code review: This category is used to capture and organize the rules that you have created.
9 Through a user-defined coordinate system, it can switch between screen and actual coordinates and realize map projection, etc.
10 With the correlation it operates more like a user-defined relational operator.
11 Similarly, a derived attribute is a temporary user-defined attribute that is obtained from other values.
12 In other respects, the user-defined function body behaves similarly to an XSLT 1.0 template.
13 You may even want to create a user-defined type to pass the exact required options to each of the functions, which would allow each execution of a function to use a different set of options.
14 Contains a user-defined item metadata key, which contains the item metadata value.
15 User-Defined Functions can be written in PL/pgSQL (proprietary procedural language) SQL, and C. Supports both the CREATE PROCEDURE and CREATE FUNCTION statements.
16 Data format that the user defines though the user-defined format Wizard.
17 As well,[] a functional index can return a user-defined type.
18 Once installed and running, Windows screenshots can be captured to user-defined files merely by pressing the PrintScreen key.
19 ISPs are increasingly filtering out known spam, and most newsgroup clients support user-defined filters, so use them.
20 A typed table is a table that is defined with a user-defined structured type.
21 To program the Post Processor, either the on-chip, default filter or a user-defined filter in the form of a configuration file can be loaded into the device.
22 This is because a composite value type, such as a user-defined structure, has no valid default value.
23 Otherwise, the generated RowHandler automatically carries out default mapping to the user-defined bean class, prior to returning bean results to the caller.
24 The example code in Listing 19 creates a distinct user-defined type called "birthday" and is being used as the column type while creating the external table.
25 Some switches can be configured to perform cut-through switching on a per-port basis until a user-defined error threshold is reached, when they automatically change to store-and-forward mode.
26 An operation can be a relational operator, a system- or user-defined function, or an SQL operator, such as GROUP BY, ORDER BY, and so on.
27 You can use the default group, or you can have a user-defined group to which all your server connections belong.
28 For functions, the CREATE FUNCTION statement has been extended to support the creation of CLR user-defined functions.
29 We can then use either a stored procedure or a user-defined aggregate to calculate the average risk for each branch.
30 You can also define your own type of motion, as well as remove any user-defined motion from the menu.
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