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Uranium 235 in a sentence

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Similar words: uraniumcraniumgeraniumepicraniumtitaniumgermaniumtitanium dioxideuraniniteMeaning: n. a uranium isotope with mass number 235; capable of sustaining chain reactions. 
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1. The fuel was enriched with uranium 235 for the nuclear reactor.
2. And the energy density of uranium 235 in terms of thousand times the energy density of coal.
3. So you put in more fuel, more uranium 235, a higher enrichment and you need to balance that excess reactivity in a number of ways.
3. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
4. Uranium 235 -- the fuel inside a nuclear reactor -- undergoes nuclear fission.
5. When you split a uranium 235 atom you will create what we call fission fragments.
6. A neutron striking a uranium 235 atom, releasing some gammas and some neutrons, creating two fission fragments which themselves have a distribution of occurrence.
7. Fertile meaning the none fissionable uranium 235.
8. A second prerequisite is that uranium 235 must be present in sufficient abundance.
9. Most of the time the fuel is uranium, artificially enriched so that 4 to 5 percent is the chain-reacting isotope uranium 235; virtually all the rest is uranium 238.
10. These ceramic fuel pellets are usually made of enriched uranium 235, which is incapable of creating a nuclear explosion.
11. AIM To study the stimulatory effect on DNA synthesis and unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS) in splenic lymphocytes induced by low dose enriched uranium 235 U.
12. Now first of all we're gonna talk about the fundamentals of the neutron capture and what happens in the neutron capture of a uranium 235 atom.
13. You can have an elastic scattering collision where the neutron just essentially bounces off the uranium 235 atom and just continues on and it's possibly slowed down ever so slightly.
14. This is called a Fission Neutron Energy Spectrum based on the thermal fissioning of uranium 235.
15. To make an atomic bomb we have to use uranium 235, in which all the atoms are available for fission.
16. But then you have some neutrons that do 235 end up being absorbed in the fuel, uranium 235 and then there's a certain likelihood that some of these neutrons absorbed in the fuel do not fission.
17. Now if you wanna calculate how much, if you fission one gram of uranium 235, you can, if you convert it to electricity, make twenty four thousand kilowatt hours of electricity, which is a lot.
18. Now when you look at this you see these people handling the uranium pellets. Now uranium 235 in this form is very low in activity because uranium235 has a very long half-life.
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