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Upper side in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2018-10-10Updated:2018-10-10
Similar words: watersideundersideriversidesupply-side economicsside-by-sideside by sidepresident jeffersonwhippersnapperMeaning: n. the highest or uppermost side of anything. 
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1. The boys chose up sides and then took their positions on the field.
2. Add enough water to baking pan to come half way up sides of cups.
3. They sat up side by side in the bed, naked, listening, but Valerie no longer felt safe.
4. The two boys grew up side by side and became close friends.
5. The up side of a stock market crash is imagining the billions lost when Microsoft falls that much.
6. Fill pan with boiling water to come two-thirds up sides of terrine. Place in preheated oven and bake for 2 hours.
7. Fill pan with boiling water to come two-thirds up sides of terrine.
8. Tables are set up side by side, in neat rows on the massive floor of the Phoenix Civic Plaza.
9. A white cat and the marmalade and white lay curled up side by side in an armchair.
10. No. 1 is on the Up side, No. 2 is on the Down side and so on alternately.
11. The upper side of the same corner was also delaminated but at this stage it was difficult to determine if any electronic components were missing or damaged.
12. Both upper side and subiculum have brown whiskers and look good.
12. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
13. Axil The angle between the upper side of a leaf or branch and the shoot bearing it. Leaf axils are the site of lateral (axillary) buds.
14. Muzzle - Medium length, rounded on upper side to fall away abruptly below eyes.
15. Palisade mesophyll : on the upper side of leaf, closely packed, contains many chloroplasts.
16. The upper side of a leaf is known as the adaxial surface.
17. Right below the upper side zipper is a BDU-style, pleated cargo pocket on each side, with velcro-secured flap. 3 grommets at the bottom of the pockets allow for drainage.
18. The utility model is characterized in that the upper side of the inner side of the back wind screen of a 5571 type brush stripping saw gin is welded with a strip-shaped arc-shaped plate.
19. The upper side of the heat generating device can also be provided with a container in which water can be placed to absorb the waste heat generated by the heat generating device.
20. A slag discharging hole is arranged on the upper side of the cylinder.
21. The date is always on the upper side of the right, and one line under the heading and one line above the inside address.
22. Install the upper side gear and clutch disc pack.
23. The bugs have very long legs and are using the upper side of the leafes where are less sticky hairs.
24. The invention provides a capacitive touch sensor, wherein the touch sensitive panel has drive electrodes arranged on the lower side of a substrate and sense electrodes arranged on the upper side.
25. European flatfish, Scophthalmus maximus, that has a brown, knobby upper side and is prized as food.
26. They may be entirely green, green with maroon splotches, or green on the upper side and red-purple beneath.
27. Note: Since these situations can be mirrored on the diagonal of the cube, you might need to turn the upper side a half turn to find your situation.
28. It seems possible that a sinking current of cooled mantle material on the upper side of the plate might be the cause of such deep basins.
29. It is shown that the recirculating flow region attached to the backward-facing step exists in the microscale flow with proper conditions while the region of separation on upper side does not.
30. You are the big drop of dew under the lotus leaf, I am the smaller one on its upper side," said the dewdrop to the lake.
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