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Upbraid in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2017-03-21
Synonym: blamechidelecturerebukereprimandreprovescoldSimilar words: braidbraidedupbringingraidbrain drainafraidbrainbe afraid ofMeaning: v. express criticism towards. 
(1) His mother summoned him, upbraided him, wept and prayed.
(2) His wife set about upbraiding him for neglecting the children.
(3) The captain upbraid his men for falling asleep.
(4) In newspaper articles she consistently upbraided those in authority who overstepped their limits.
(5) He upbraided her with her ingratitude.
(6) I was in no mood to be upbraided about my stupidity.
(7) Two Pinochetistas immediately board the bus and furiously upbraid and threaten her.
(8) He is reported to have upbraided his commanders for including political content in briefings.
(9) In private he bitterly upbraided Brown for seeking to stymie his program.
(10) It is unfair to upbraid the drawback of some educational examination without exception as "the revival of the imperial examination system".
(11) Tim. 5:1 Do not upbraid an elderly man, but exhort him as a father( ), younger men as brothers.
(12) You left me too: but I won't upbraid you!
(13) He spoke, not to inflame, not to upbraid, but to convince.
(14) He came over and began to upbraid Sherif, brusquely waving his hands.
(15) I think he'd meant to upbraid me for sneaking off, but he didn't.
(16) There was no disputing the hard truth behind his words - someting for which she had already severely upbraided herself.
(17) Here, it develops, the jailer's daughter, Lucy Lockit, awaits her chance to upbraid Macheath for having promised to marry her, and reneged .
(18) On Saturday, hackers hijacked North Korea's official Twitter account and YouTube channel to upbraid the country's leadership.
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