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Unwounded in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2018-01-11Updated:2018-01-11
Similar words: unwoundwoundedroundedboundedfoundedsoundedgroundedcompoundedMeaning: adj. not wounded. random good picture
1. She unwound the wool from the ball.
2. He unwound the bandage from his ankle.
3. He unwound the scarf from his neck.
4. One of them unwound a length of rope from around his waist.
5. The thread unwound a little more.
6. The bandage gradually unwound and fell off.
7. He unwound the rope to its full extent.
8. He unwound his scarf from his neck.
9. The path unwound before them.
10. He unwound himself and stood up, grinned unrepentantly at them both and sauntered out.
11. I was quite content to clock his progress as the coil steadily unwound.
12. Yet if they wait while a complex corporate empire is unwound, the value of their loans can shrivel almost to nothing.
13. When he unwound the rope from the cleat the bell rang once.
14. What did it, I think, was how she unwound her braided black hair and re-wrapped it over her forehead.
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15. She unwound the curtain, then wet her fingers and patted his mussed gray hair.
16. It seems we've unwound an ampersand and pulled it like a cracker.
17. For the next two hours he relaxed and enjoyed the spectacle that unwound before his eyes.
18. Restless and unwound at home, their tongue lashes around venting their self-doubt and guilt on others.
19. I perceive time as a continuum, moments unwounded spool of moment to new sensation.
20. The inoculation on unwounded bark surface caused no symptom, but new sprouts all became diseased after unwounded inoculation.
21. Compared with the situation on the unwounded side, on the wounded side the renal uptake became slower and the half time of kidney washout was extended.
22. Otherwise, when the leaves were wounded the lesions which caused by CWDEs was more serious than that of leaves unwounded.
23. That was my excuse to myself , although I knew it was wrong of me to leave only two unwounded men to guard the stockade .
24. The inoculation showed during shoots elongating to full-development of needles the fungus could penetrate unwounded young shoots, and made them dead.
25. The high road along which he rode, was thronged with carriages, with vehicles of all sorts, and Austrian and Russian soldiers of every kind, wounded and unwounded.
26. Methods In the first experiment, 48 rabbits were inflicted with a posterior subglottic injury using a diode laser, and there were 10 unwounded controls.
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