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Unproductive in a sentence

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Sentence count:64Posted:2017-07-13Updated:2017-07-13
Antonym: productiveSimilar words: productivereproductiveproductivelycounterproductivereproductive systemproductivityproductionreproductionMeaning: adj. 1. not producing or capable of producing 2. not producing desired results. 
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1. I've had a very unproductive day.
2. Poor working conditions lead to demoralized and unproductive employees.
3. There are many instances of necessary unproductive consumption, both in the absolute and historically determined sense.
4. It was pointed out that if unproductive consumption is increased equilibrium may be maintained.
5. To suggest that all unproductive consumption is solely capitalist personal consumption is to go beyond the bounds of credibility.
6. The meeting was long and noisy, but unproductive.
7. Unproductive guilt hinders your behaviour in a variety of ways.
8. Similarly, if the rate of unproductive consumption declines, then - cet. par. - accumulation increases.
9. Unproductive meetings, domestic rows and uncomfortable social chit-chat can all be caused by status needs being ignored and camouflaged.
10. Even after an unproductive third quarter, the Raiders still led 14-13.
11. You can keep the factory shut down and unproductive, or you can clear it out and get to work.
12. It was one of those unproductive confrontations between students and senior members of the university.
13. Intellectuals were dismissed as uncreative and unproductive.
14. It was a very unproductive meeting.
15. He has no sentimentality about firing unproductive employees, even those who have worked for the company for years.
16. As a consequence land has become unproductive as unpalatable weeds have replaced nutritious fodder.
17. Cabinet meetings had grown so unproductive and depressing that we had to plead with the President to schedule them.
18. One - quarter of the country is reckoned as unproductive.
18. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
19. The efforts of early missionaries to proselyte Minnesota Indians were largely unproductive.
20. Research workers are well aware that much of their time and effort is unproductive.
21. At first my growing dissatisfaction manifested itself in rather unproductive activity.
22. This suggests, given the assumptions of the model, that the unproductive component is a necessary one for expanded reproduction.
23. This fact alone suggests that a purely descriptive approach to first degree courses is likely to be unproductive or excruciatingly boring.
24. That is to say that savings are a function of the rate of profit and unproductive consumption.
25. It may also waste time and energy; it may be unproductive; it may lead to hostility and to low morale.
26. Games are condemned in TA as damaging to authentic relationships between people, time-wasting and unproductive.
27. His particular application of Benveniste's terms is actually rather bizarre and unproductive.
28. Even they, though, found the battering-ram principle too convenient yet unproductive.
29. It could hardly be said that Mrs. Bush had led a frivolous or unproductive life.
30. The second aspect of contradiction within Bukharin's equations is that between accumulation and unproductive consumption.
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