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Unobservable in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-09-13Updated:2018-09-13
Similar words: observableunobservantobservablyunobservedpreservableobservantobservanceobservationMeaning: adj. not accessible to direct observation. 
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1. As agents' types are unobservable to the principal, the principal can only impose the same criterion on all agents.
2. After controlling for individual and family unobservable attributes, the intergenerational impact is three to four times smaller.
3. The notion of unobservable inputs is intended to allow for situations in which there is little, if any,( market activity for the asset or liability at the measurement date.
4. This partly explains the home bias puzzle. In Chapter Three, I solve for an asset allocation problem under unobservable inflation rate.
5. In the process of ordinary perception, the Mindfulness step is so fleeting as to be unobservable .
6. It is the sum of smaller, independent (may be unobservable), identically-distributed variables or random events.
7. Unlike an ocean wave, a wavefront or surface of constant phase is unobservable and undetectable.
8. Based on concluding the computation flow of lunar gravity field recovery, the method of dealing with the difficulty of unobservable to farside of lunar are analyzed on emphases.
9. The bearing-only location is a nonlinear state estimation in essence; the single observer passive tracking may form a unobservable system, makes the tracking filter instable and divergent.
10. Given the coordination assumption implicit in the theory and the possible presence of unobservable variables, we also offer a method to cope with the common-actor problem.
11. These gas plumes could conceivably have been liberated by mud volcanoes,( were the initially warm mud to contain methane-producing microbes drifting in a previously unobservable underground lake.
12. It basically means that you have a theory about the unobservable psychological states that are governing — or causing — other people's behaviors.
13. Fisher information is thought of as the amount of information that a message carries about an unobservable parameter.
14. Through the new Literature movement of May Fourth we can find out their relation though it is unobservable and unobvious .
15. In practice, the states of the nonlinear systems are usually unobservable , so it is necessary to design a fuzzy observer in order to estimate the state variable.
16. According to most cosmological models there is a cosmic horizon outside which galaxies recede from us with velocities larger than that of light, and which are therefore unobservable even in principle.
17. Whatever happens to me, when it's spread out over six billion plus people, it ends up divided by six billion and it becomes unobservable.
18. The war and the killing assume a different form: they have been shifted from the daylight of observable public events, to the twilight of unobservable inner destruction.
19. In order to study the optimal incentive schemes when both manager's ability type and effort are unobservable, this paper sets up an information revelation model of manager.
20. Following the crisis, I have adopted the rule: if it is unobservable , it is not believable.
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