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Unkempt in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2017-04-03Updated:2017-04-03
Similar words: sunkenjunketdrunkenshrunkenhunker downhunkered downemptytemptMeaning: [‚ʌn'kempt] adj. 1. not neatly combed 2. not neat or cared for; slovenly 3. not properly maintained. 
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1, The children were unwashed and unkempt.
2, He had long unkempt hair and a stubbly chin.
3, The old man was shabby and unkempt.
4, His hair was unkempt and filthy.
5, He had an unkempt appearance.
6, The old beggar was dirty and unkempt.
7, In the open doorway stood an unkempt though not unattractive young man who was dark of hair and eye.
8, She looked quite ragged and unkempt.
9, Did her unkempt condition preclude making a quest out of her?
10, One of the men was unkempt with a thick brown moustache.
11, An unkempt coat will provide a refuge for parasites, and if soiled with faecal matter is likely to attract flies.
12, Now some of them look unkempt, neglected, despite the fine new houses and gardens which are springing up.
13, One unkempt mound bore a glass with a Harp Lager insignia, filled with greenish water.
14, Hoskins beard was tangled and unkempt.
15, Every last bit of unkempt hedge in our front garden was taking the same attitude it had always taken.
16, With his unkempt ginger hair running down into sideboards it made his hard face look even meaner.
17, The garden looks very unkempt.
18, Alexei Volkov had the unkempt beard, florid complexion, and wild eyes of a survivalist.
19, People expected revolutionaries to be bearded and unkempt.
20, The Liu family house is unkempt and much appears onone's must - save list.
21, During the owners'absence the lawn became dreadfully unkempt.
22, When she arrived at the hospital she was distressed, but not unkempt.
23, Passing through a tiny village called Babylon,( the buildings are shabby and unkempt.
24, Willie closed it carefully behind them and they walked into a wild and unkempt garden.
25, She used to dress so neatly, but now her hair and clothes had become unkempt and dirty.
26, Her hair, which Polly had thought a mess, might also have been described as gloriously tousled, ravishingly unkempt.
27, You use these processes to convert your physical state from sleepy and unkempt to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
28, Talk shows hosts hate to feature writers, with few exceptions, since writers are often inarticulate, sullen and unkempt.
29, Mohammed, who upon his capture in Rawalpindi was photographed looking flabbyand unkempt, was now described as being slim.
30, A strange figure is revealed , outwardly unprepossessing, untidy , unkempt, he a yogi of transcendent powers.
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