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Uninteresting in a sentence

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Similar words: interestinginterestinglyuninterestedhave interest ininterestinteresteddisinterestinterest rateMeaning: adj. 1. arousing no interest or attention or curiosity or excitement 2. characteristic or suggestive of an institution especially in being uniform or dull or unimaginative. random good picture
1. The countryside was flat, dull and uninteresting.
2. The book was padded out with uninteresting descriptions.
3. His lecture was so pedantic and uninteresting.
4. So many days are routine and uninteresting, especially in winter.
5. The food was dull and uninteresting. It is more common to use a different word such as dull or boring.
6. Apparently the odd arrangement was uninteresting to a teenager.
7. This small, uninteresting woman with short greying hair and a plain face?
8. Uninteresting and uninterested, goes the myth, they lack creative spark and entrepreneurial vision.
9. The exterior is uninteresting but the interior, now used as a mosque, is very fine.
10. A dry, uninteresting opening point will surely be a one-way ticket to the wastebasket for your document.
11. There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people. G.K. Chesterton 
12. Items can be high priority but are uninteresting, time consuming or difficult to resolve.
13. We had a most uninteresting conversation but it was extremely illuminating.
14. It was a long film and an uninteresting one to boot.
15. Why did he choose these pale, nerveless, uninteresting people?
16. An association rule is still uninteresting if are negatively correlated items in its antecedent or consequent.
17. Lying in my hospital bed, I was a captive audience to these uninteresting old stories.
18. Their media has earned the reputation for being rather dull and uninteresting.
19. In schools, science is often presented in a dry and uninteresting manner.
20. Except for the historians and the sociologists of knowledge, the process of getting there is signally uninteresting.
21. He filled out all the forms making her older than she was and as uninteresting as possible.
22. I am sorry that the Minister finds this subject uninteresting.
23. What had been the engrossing world had dissolved into an uninteresting outer dumb - show.
24. That explains the Pavlovian impulse of people who are out with friends or dates to ignore them and check their BlackBerrys and cellphones, even if 99 out of 100 messages are uninteresting.
25. From a transformation point of view, this service specification maps to a WSDL port type, which at this time is an uninteresting port type because it has no operations or messages so far.
26. When I read a book, I usually skip over the uninteresting parts.
27. Frame structure, loose, messy no density of points,( will be very uninteresting.
28. The obvious answer -- "I didn't die" -- is unsatisfying and journalistically uninteresting.
29. True, this means considering changes you regard as unwise and uninteresting ideas.
30. Lying in my hospital bed, I was a captive audience to her uninteresting stories.
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