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Unimportant in a sentence

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Sentence count:124+8 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-21Updated:2017-03-21
Synonym: inconsequentialinsignificantpettytriflingtrivialSimilar words: importantimportantlyimportanceof importanceimportimportuneimportunateportableMeaning: adj. 1. not important 2. not important or noteworthy. 
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1. Block out this unimportant detail at the top of your picture.
2. Where have you been unimportant important is that you will not come back.
3. In the word " unimportant " , " un - " is a prefix.
4. It was an unimportant job, and paid very little.
5. Let's not quarrel about such unimportant matters.
6. Staffing is still a relatively unimportant issue compared to the other problems that we're encountering.
7. His main weakness is to quibble over unimportant things.
8. I thought that cooking and housekeeping were unimportant, easy tasks.
9. She just laughed and dismissed the question as unimportant.
10. He doesn't deign to talk to unimportant people like me.
11. They dismissed the problem as unimportant.
12. There's no point in arguing over something so unimportant.
13. You should cut out the unimportant details.
14. Relatively speaking, this matter is unimportant.
15. When she gets nervous she fusses over unimportant details.
16. Telling your employees they're unimportant is a fatal error.
17. The matter was so unimportant that she dismissed it from her mind.
18. He often remonstrated with others about unimportant matter.
19. You can cut out the unimportant details.
20. The old lady is always fretting over something unimportant.
21. It's so unimportant that it's hardly worth mentioning.
22. Money seems unimportant when sets beside the joys of family life.
23. The precise historical moment is unimportant here.
24. It would be a mistake to regard the incident as unimportant.
25. If we don't plan this meeting properly, we'll get side-tracked into discussing unimportant issues.
26. Sometimes this fact is obscured because churches get so bogged down by unimportant rules.
27. I was just a young girl from a small town and I felt very unimportant.
28. When they had married, six years before,[] the difference in their ages had seemed unimportant.
29. Basically it emphasised not the state, but class solidarity across frontiers and dismissed national boundaries as comparatively unimportant.
30. Their feelings were that black history was so falsified by whites that misinformation about Drew seemed unimportant.
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