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Unicast in a sentence

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1. User processes includes link scan task, layer 3 unicast task , layer 3 multicast task, management interface and network protocols.
2. And we design a unicast fault-tolerant routing algorithm (algorithm C) for the hybrid failure situation.
3. Limits the bandwidth any single unicast player can use when receiving a stream.
4. In this dissertation, unicast routing is studied in mobile Ad hoc network ( MANET ) with flat structure.
5. By unicast transmission, the system t reserve dedicated video channel for each user , that can enable user watch any movie at any time.
6. We design a unicast fault-tolerant routing algorithm (algorithm A) and a broadcast fault-tolerant routing algorithm (algorithm B) in the case of node failure situation.
7. We develop efficient unicast, broadcast and parallel routing algorithms on locally connected hypercube networks.
7. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
8. SIP can communicate via multicast, a mesh of unicast relationships, or a combination of multicast and unicast.
9. EIGRP routers send unicast update packets to that new neighbor so that it can add to its topology table.
10. Also it introduces unicast related algorithm.
11. Specifies the number of unicast players that can be simultaneously connected to this publishing point.
12. When you look at a YouTube video, pull up a Netflix stream, watch a video on a site, or any kind of standard internet video, it's probably unicast—it's going to you on demand, from start to finish.
13. RMM will also work over InfiniBand and shared memory, and can operate in either multicast (one-to-many) or unicast (one-to-one) mode.
14. The algorithm construct a packet coding sub-network for any unicast or multicast session for the max-flow constraint.
15. 'On demand' data[], then the data throughput would be the same as your current Unicast streaming is today.
16. For the IBM Cloud, it is necessary to configure all communication to take place using unicast transmission (the sending of messages to a single network destination identified by a unique address).
17. This can easily be changed to a membership service that uses TCP or Unicast instead, without changing the rest of the clustering logic.
18. Step 7: Destination device send the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) reply message and it will not be a broadcast, but a unicast.
19. ADBT (Asymmetrical Dual Busy Tone). The ADBT protocol consists of both unicast protocol and broadcast protocol.
20. In one embodiment, a multi-cast call, such as a group call, may be transmitted to active users via unicast channel(s) based on a predetermined criteria, such as number of active users.
21. At the same time, it also provides the different type the address disposition for the host interface, like the global unicast address, multicast the address and so on.
22. Hence why IP Multicast and IP broadcast were invented alongside Unicast to offset this Unicast limitation OC.
23. Limits the amount of bandwidth that is available for all unicast players connected to this publishing point.
24. Based on the conception of LIP and RSC, this paper proposed an efficient unicast fault-tolerant routing algorithm for hypercube networks.
25. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.
26. The traditional video-on-demand system can not support more than one simultaneous users because it is based on unicast.
27. UDP packets are connectionless and can be broadcast to all hosts instead of a single unicast stream.
28. IP multicast technique realizes efficient data transmission from one point to multiple points in IP network, and remedies the defects of unicast and broadcast communication.
29. Limits the number of seconds the server will wait for an acknowledgement before disconnecting a unicast player.
30. The multicast routing method has been applied into the Network on Chip (NoC) since traditional unicast communication cannot meet the increasingly rich application requirements of NoC.
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