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Unfashionable in a sentence

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Sentence count:54+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-08-19Updated:2017-08-19
Antonym: fashionableSimilar words: fashionablefashionablyfashionfashionedrefashionold-fashionedold fashionedgo out of fashionMeaning: adj. not in accord with or not following current fashion. random good picture
1, She lived in a rather unfashionable part of London.
2, Wearing fur has become deeply unfashionable.
3, The couple hold the unfashionable view that marriage is a sacred union.
4, They live in an unfashionable part of London.
5, His views may be unfashionable but he deserves a hearing.
6, His clothes are old and unfashionable, but nevertheless he has a real touch of class.
7, There he worked on the unfashionable inorganic chemistry; his science was always to be on the boundary of physics and chemistry.
8, She told him she lived in the unfashionable district of Harlesden in north-west London.
9, I have no use for second-hand books and unfashionable clothes and bits of ornament.
10, Whoever placed her feet, in their unfashionable lace-up shoes, left one askew, giving her a knock-kneed appearance.
11, Socialism became unfashionable after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.
12, Smoking has become very unfashionable in the last ten years.
13, Comparative anatomy, however, is an unfashionable science in the West today.
14, There would be hordes of mourners in very unfashionable black.
15, Instinct has become unfashionable because of its association with an erroneous theory of development.
16, She lives in an unfashionable part of West London.
17, His dress is famously unfashionable, his temper famously short,[] his profanities notoriously rich.
18, It has become unfashionable to care about those at the bottom third of the economic ladder.
19, So, intellectually unfashionable but undaunted, the idea of Utopia abandoned the world altogether and was launched into space.
20, It's unfashionable these days to say you want to get married and give up your job, isn't it?
21, They paid less for the house because it was in an unfashionable part of town.
22, In my latest book, I wanted to fly the kite for an unfashionable theory.
23, Younger consumers, it is said, regard their products as stodgy and unfashionable.
24, Similarly the rise of Existentialism in the 1950s made an interest in matters spiritual seem like so much unfashionable hokum.
25, A moral climate has been created in which collective responsibility has become unfashionable.
26, But production stopped in the Eighties when they became unfashionable.
27, This type is not readily available - its mourning connotations have made it unfashionable.
28, Some of Hamilton's biologist colleagues were therefore embarrassed by his conversion to an unfashionable conspiracy theory.
29, The question must arise, therefore, why this kind of urban sociology has become unfashionable.
30, He became an expert on Ash in Ash's most unfashionable days.
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